Rockwell Collins delivers first Iridium SATCOM units for 737MAX

An artist's impression of an Iridium NEXT satellite.
An artist’s impression of an Iridium NEXT satellite.

Rockwell Collins has delivered its first Iridium ICS-300 SATCOM units to Boeing for its 737 MAX aircraft.

Available as a production line option and the only approved Iridium SATCOM solution on Boeing platforms, Rockwell Collins says the product provides long-range voice capabilities as well as data link communications that improve operational efficiency.

Steve Timm, Vice President and General Manager of Air Transport Systems for Rockwell Collins, said: “Together with Boeing, Rockwell Collins will be providing airlines with the latest satellite communications capabilities for the 737 MAX flight deck.

“By enabling worldwide voice and data communications for the cockpit with the ICS-300, airlines will realize a variety of benefits.”

The ICS-300 is an advanced voice and data link communications system that operates over the satellite network.

Rockwell Collins says with complete global coverage, reliable communications between the ground and aircraft enable improved routing and enhanced coordination between the flight crew and operations.

Brian Pemberton, Vice President and General Manager of Aviation for Iridium, said: “This solution offers Boeing 737 MAX customers a highly reliable and cost effective platform for all their aircraft operational communications needs wherever they may fly.”

The Iridium constellation consists of 66 low-Earth orbit satellites, enabling real-time communications anywhere on the planet and extends coverage to include polar and all remote airspaces.

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