SITAONAIR e-Aircraft DataCapture selected by Air France

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Air France has selected SITAONAIR e-Aircraft DataCapture.
Air France has selected SITAONAIR e-Aircraft DataCapture.

Air France (AF) and SITAONAIR have announce a new deal to deliver aircraft data to AF’s top-flight operations and maintenance optimisation programmes.

Under the partnership, SITAONAIR’s new e-Aircraft DataCapture solution will capture and deliver aircraft data, bolstering performance monitoring across the Air France Airbus aircraft.

SITAONAIR’s deployment of DataCapture across AF’s Airbus fleet began in January 2017.

The e-Aircraft DataCapture system works by collecting, compressing and encrypting an aircraft’s Quick Access Recorder (QAR) or Digital ACMS Recorder (DAR) data, and automatically and immediately transmits it after landing, using a 3G mobile data connection, to a ground server provided by SITAONAIR.

The complete data set is then sent to Air France’s data analysis system for instant analysis and response.

SITAONAIR said a trial had been conducted with Air France. The results were positive and enabled it to take steps to improve and strengthen the solution before its deployment on the Air France fleet.

It says every airline has a flight operational quality assurance (FOQA) programme, through which they process and analyse information to help them find new ways to improve flight safety and increase overall operational efficiency.

Many airlines manually collect aircraft post-flight and health data as part of an overnight maintenance regime, meaning a delay of hours after a flight has landed before data is retrieved.

A typical commercial aircraft will generate up to 100 Megabytes of data per flight, with the volume of data increasing with the length of the trip.


SITAONAIR said replacing manual collection with automatic e-Aircraft DataCapture equips airlines with instant detailed insight into their fleets, from how aircraft are operating, to investigating incidents and performing maintenance diagnostics.

It says the solution also helps airlines optimise staffing resources and supports seamless transitions, which help reduce the time aircraft spend on the ground.

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David Lavorel, CEO of SITAONAIR, said: “SITAONAIR has an excellent working relationship with Air France, with whom we have collaborated closely since 2014 on e-Aircraft DataCapture.

“This is yet another example of how SITAONAIR’s 100%-aviation communications expertise is resolving the challenges faced by the modern airline industry head-on.

“With our intelligent new-generation data solutions, airlines have the tools to advance their critical flight operations and maintenance operation programmes, and really deliver.”

Pierre-Yves Benain, Head of Portfolio and Strategy, e-Aircraft at SITAONAIR, said: “Our intelligent e-Aircraft DataCapture solution is already making aircraft data easier for airlines to access; reducing data retrieval time from days to minutes, without mobilizing maintenance resources.

“Thanks to DataCapture, airlines can get an immediate detailed picture of all parameters recorded inflight by a QAR or DAR recorder.

“With our Cloud-based solution, our intention is to provide an end-to-end, expert data management service at business continuity level, freeing up airlines to focus on their core operations and engineering priorities.”

Air France’s e-Aircraft DataCapture project leader added: “We are really pleased to be taking SITAONAIR’s e-Aircraft DataCapture system onboard.

“It will enable us to complete the deployment of automated QAR/DAR data collection across our Airbus fleet for our Flight and Maintenance Operational Quality Assurance programmes.

“SITAONAIR has been instrumental in the integration of the solution into our existing on-board hardware and ground systems.”

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