Avianca is first Latin-American airline to select GX Aviation

An Avianca Boeing 787 to be fitted with GX Aviation inflight connectivity.
An Avianca Boeing 787.

Avianca is to become the first airline in Latin America to make its aircraft available with Inmarsat’s GX Aviation Ka-band satellite-based inflight connectivity.

This will deliver high-speed Wi-Fi to passengers and cabin crew during flights.

Inmarsat says GX Aviation is the first in-flight broadband solution from a single operator with reliable and high-speed global coverage, allowing Avianca’s passengers to browse the internet, stream videos, check social media and more during flights.

GX Aviation will initially be available to all Avianca passengers on approximately 125 Airbus A320, A330 and Boeing 787 aircraft, with the potential for additional aircraft to be provisioned at a later date.

Avianca’s GX-equipped aircraft are currently expected to be rolled out starting at the end of this year.

Hernan Rincon, Chief Executive Officer of Avianca, said: “Today, technology is one of Avianca’s fundamental pillars.

Therefore, and to allow our travellers to be always connected, we have signed an agreement that will enable us to continue advancing in our digital transformation with the support of Inmarsat.”

GX Aviation

Leo Mondale, President of Inmarsat Aviation, said: “GX Aviation is now live as the most advanced in-flight connectivity solution in the world.

It has been specifically designed from the ground up as a seamless and robust service for airlines and their passengers, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional in-flight internet providers.

The rapid uptake from airlines is evidence of the market’s confidence, with launch customers signed in key regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australasia and now, Latin America.”

Mondale added: “Avianca understands that its passengers and cabin crew today expect a consistent, reliable and fast in-flight broadband service wherever they fly.

GX Aviation is also scalable with the high growth expected in Latin America over the next decade.”

As well as Avianca, confirmed customers for the GX Aviation solution now include Lufthansa, Singapore, Norwegian, Air Astana, Air New Zealand, AirAsia and Qatar Airways. Lufthansa was the first to go live.

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