Cathay Pacific selects Honeywell GoDirect e-maintenance

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A Honeywell APU.
A Honeywell APU.

Honeywell and Cathay Pacific have signed a contract to deploy Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Aircraft maintenance offering across its fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft.

Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance programme combines the airplane’s connectivity, in-depth product knowledge and data analytics to predict when mechanical parts need to be fixed or replaced.

The service demonstrated during a trial programme with Cathay Pacific that it can reduce inoperative systems by up to 35 percent, which directly reduces costly and disruptive maintenance and aircraft downtime, lowering flight cancellations and the impact of delays.

Neil Glenn, Director Engineering, Cathay Pacific, said: “Cathay Pacific is committed to providing our passengers with a safe, on-time and comfortable travel experience.

Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance helps support our commitment to passengers by reducing operational disruptions and limiting flight delays, without adding any sensors or a single ounce of weight to the aircraft.”

Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance programme for the company’s auxiliary power units (APUs) will be outfitted on more than 60 of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s Airbus A330s.

APUs provide power into the airplane, mostly while at the gate, to cool or heat the cabin, start the main engines, and perform other power-related functions.

Brian Davis, Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “Cathay Pacific is a leader in this shift to predictive flying. The aviation industry is going through a digital transformation sparked by the use of big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

Honeywell is combining its mechanical heritage with access to better connectivity to help airlines achieve more predictive maintenance operations.”

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During the trial, Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance saved Cathay Pacific several hundred thousand dollars in operational and reactive maintenance costs per aircraft, and reduced APU-related delay minutes by 51 percent.”

GoDirect Connected Maintenance

Cathay Pacific is also considering to extend the GoDirect Connected Maintenance programme to the airline’s fleet of Boeing B777s to improve on-time departures and reduce maintenance costs.

Honeywell says its Connected Aircraft services demonstrate to airlines that being connected improves not only the passenger experience, but also allows an aircraft to become a more comprehensive and agile platform that makes flying safer, more efficient and cost-effective.

Managing unscheduled maintenance events can be both costly and time-consuming for an airline, causing delays that put on-time performance at risk.

The predictive fault analyses from the GoDirect Connected Maintenance program have a false positive rate of less than one percent.

These analyses highlight the most critical faults to repair, giving actionable recommendations to maintenance crew while sharing any relevant information on failure trends with airline operators.

This information enables flight and maintenance crew members to prepare for maintenance ahead of time and facilitate parts replacement before a failure occurs.

In addition to connected maintenance for APUs, Honeywell is looking to expand the service to other parts of the aircraft, including wheels, brakes and environmental control systems.

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