Honeywell demonstrating ‘Connected Aircraft’ at Paris Air Show

Honeywell's Boeing 757 test aircraft, equipped with GX Aviation's JetWave, at its Phoenix base.
Honeywell’s Boeing 757 test aircraft, equipped with GX Aviation’s JetWave, at its Phoenix base.

Honeywell Aerospace has its Boeing 757 flying test bed at the Paris Air Show this week to showcase its “Connected Aircraft” capabilities.

The aircraft is equipped with Honeywell’s JetWave hardware for Inmarsat’s Ka-band GX Aviation satellite service. This gives the aircraft global high-speed multi-megabit internet access from its fuselage-mounted antenna.

This is the same equipment that was tested by “Get Connected’s” Steve Nichols on a Lufthansa flight a couple of months ago. During that test the system delivered up to 14.2Mbps to the passenger.

The aircraft is visiting a dozen countries around the world to show-off Honeywell’s  ‘connected capabilities’. The Honeywell B767 test aircraft took off from its Phoenix headquarters on May 30 and first flew to two cities in two days.

Honeywell's JetWave MCS-8200 fuselage-mounted antenna for Inmarsat GX
Honeywell’s JetWave MCS-8200 fuselage-mounted antenna for Inmarsat GX.

While flying to San Francisco, the company hosted a Facebook Live broadcast that was seen by more than 100,000 people, including Honeywell employees from across the globe.

It also launched, where fans can follow along with the plane wherever it goes on tour

The aircraft then headed for Dallas where it also demonstrated Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Preview and GoDirect Fuel Efficiency solutions.

After a busy stop in New York, the aircraft then headed across the Atlantic to Paris and the world’s biggest air show.

From there it will also visit several cities in Asia and the Middle East before wrapping up the tour this Autumn.

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