Flying Colours completes first Honeywell JetWave installation

Honeywell's lightweight JetWave tail-mounted Ka-band antenna for bizjets.
Honeywell’s lightweight tail-mounted JetWave Ka-band antenna for bizjets.

The Flying Colours Corp. avionics team has completed its first installation of a Honeywell JetWave Ka-Band satellite inflight connectivity system.

This works with Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX system, launched last year.

Work on attaching the LRUs, radome and tail-mounted antenna has just finished at the company’s Peterborough, Ontario facility, making it one of the first Bombardier Aerospace Authorized Service Facilities (ASF) to fit the system.

The connectivity upgrade is part of a wider Bombardier Global Express aircraft cabin refurbishment project that is expected to be completed by the end of July.

The installation of the high-speed data delivery system will ensure that the undisclosed Global customer can enjoy the same level of avionics and connectivity, as purchasers of brand new Bombardier Global aircraft who can select the system as a line-fit option.

Eric Gillespie, Executive VP, Flying Colours Corp, said: “Our customer travels extensively for business and needs uninterrupted connectivity globally. We advised him to install the Honeywell system as it gives him flexible, high-speed, and modern technology, that will fulfil his need to be continuously connected.”

Jet ConneX Ka-Band connectivity delivers ultra-high speed connectivity to the business jet market, and ensures a seamless connectivity experience via Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) Aviation service.

The increased data speeds enable business jet users greater access to live TV and video streaming across multiple on-board devices.

It also supports uninterrupted Wi-Fi-enabled email, web-browsing, video conferencing, data file transfers, and voice and text capabilities.

We are pleased to be able to maximise our status as an ASF to offer, and fit these state-of-the-art avionics system. As an increasing number of owners of mid- to long-range aircraft want to upgrade their connectivity, we are well positioned to provide the service through our in-house avionics experience and knowledge,” added Gillespie.

The avionics upgrade forms just one part of a major overhaul for the Global Express aircraft which included a pre-buy review, maintenance inspections, full interior and exterior refurbishment, IFE upgrades, and a floor plan modification.

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