New Gogo study shows passengers want more connectivity

Gogo logoGogo has released its new Global Traveler Study, which shows as the internet becomes part of every flight the expectations of global travelers are growing ever more demanding.

It says their couch-to-cabin lifestyles increasingly require that the fast, always-available internet they enjoy at home is available in the sky too.

The Gogo study found that all travelers own at least one personal device, with smartphones being the most popular.

90% said they carried a smartphone, 81% a laptop and 66% a tablet device.

With smartphones the Android operating system was the most popular at 66%, with Apple iOS following at 28% and Windows lagging behind at 6%.

Although inflight Wi-Fi hasn’t been available for very long, there is strong demand for this service among travelers. Many said they are even willing to choose an alternative to their preferred airline just to access the internet in flight.

Most travelers are bringing their devices onboard, expecting to access the internet and entertainment, with 57% thinking Wi-Fi should be offered on more flights

When asked how important inflight connectivity availability was as a factor when booking a flight, 39% said it was the most important. Inflight connectivity, it seems, is more important to travelers than traditional inflight entertainment options.

Other highlights of the Gogo study were:

  • 50% said “I always use inflight Wi-Fi if available when flying”

  • 48% said “inflight Wi-Fi speeds should be as fast as they are on the ground”

  • 45% said “I expect inflight Wi-Fi to be faster if I pay for it”

  • 38% said “I would choose another airline to have access to inflight Wi-Fi”

  • 37% said “I would pay to use Wi-Fi if I could connect gate-to-gate”

The survey also found that today’s younger travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 are setting the expectations for future air travel. As Wi-Fi becomes faster and more available on the ground, these future travelers expect a similar connectivity experience in the air.

Interest in inflight Wi-Fi and using their own devices in flight is high, and they are willing to pay for these services.

It also found 92% of future travelers are interested in using their own device while in flight for Wi-Fi or entertainment.

In summary, the survey found inflight connectivity is quickly becoming an expectation rather than a luxury for travelers around the world.

It said as airlines look closely at both their customers and their inflight offerings, it’s clear that inflight connectivity will play an increasingly significant role in passenger satisfaction for the near future and beyond.

This Gogo study was compiled in late 2016 from responses to a 15-minute online survey. It covers 15 countries across six regions around the world and incorporates data collected from more than 4,500 respondents who flew within the past 12 months of the survey.

All the data were collected by Lieberman Research Worldwide, a custom market research consultancy that conducts research in more than 80 countries.

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