Intelsat 35e launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida

The Intelsat 35e satellite.
The Intelsat 35e satellite.

The Intelsat 35e satellite has been launched successfully from Cape Canaveral, Florida, aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

Liftoff occurred at 7:38 pm EDT on Wednesday 5th July with the satellite separating from the rocket’s upper stage 32 minutes after launch and signal acquisition then being confirmed.

Manufactured by Boeing and equipped with an advanced digital payload, Intelsat 35e will deliver high performance services in C- and Ku-band for wireless infrastructure, mobility, broadband, government and media customers in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

In October 2016, Intelsat and Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) entered into a contract to deliver reliable, high-performance inflight connectivity across five continents.

The multi-year, global service will utilise C- and Ku-band services on 10 satellites in Intelsat’s mobility infrastructure, including Intelsat 33e and Intelsat 35e.

Intelsat 35e will be placed into service at 325.5° East (34.5 degrees West) where it replaces Intelsat 903, which will be redeployed to another Intelsat orbital location by year-end.

The fourth of the Intelsat EpicNG next-generation high-throughput satellites, the Intelsat 35e Ku-band services include a customised highpower wide beam for DTH service delivery in the Caribbean, as well as services for mobility and government applications in the Caribbean, trans-Europe to Africa and the African continent.

Intelsat 35e’s Ku-band payload has 39 transponder equivalents for a total downlink bandwidth of 1,404 MHz. Of the three wide beams, one is covering the Caribbean, another Europe and the Mediterranean, and the third beam covers Europe and Northern Africa.

Stephen Spengler, Chief Executive Officer, Intelsat, said: “The successful launch of Intelsat 35e is a major milestone in our business plan for 2017, furthering the footprint and resilience of our Intelsat EpicNG infrastructure.

With each Intelsat EpicNG launch, we advance our vision of creating a global, high performance for our customers that will unlock new growth opportunities in applications including mobility, wireless infrastructure and private data networks.

As we further our innovations with respect to ground infrastructure and managed service offerings, like IntelsatOne Flex, we are transforming the role of satellite in the telecommunications landscape.”

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