Gulfstream partners with Satcom Direct to streamline service

A Gulfstream G550 at Ebace, Geneva.
A Gulfstream G550 at Ebace, Geneva.

Gulfstream has announced the creation of its Connectivity Service Program, a comprehensive, bundled suite of in-flight internet, voice and entertainment offerings customised to meet the needs of each operator.

As part of the programme, Satcom Direct will be the exclusive provider of cabin and cockpit connectivity service plans on both in-production and in-service aircraft.

Derek Zimmerman, President, Gulfstream Product Support, said: “This new service will simplify and enhance the connectivity experience by seamlessly integrating all aspects of in-flight connectivity with the Gulfstream aircraft ownership experience.

It will make connectivity more accessible and easier to understand. The integration provides customers everything they need to create and maintain the ultimate experience in nose-to-tail connectivity. Gulfstream will be their single source for equipment, service networks and technical support.”

Jim Jensen, Founder and CEO of Satcom Direct, added: “Satcom Direct is proud to have been selected to support Gulfstream’s Connectivity Service Program.

Gulfstream customers will be able to fly in confidence knowing they can maximise faster, richer data during all phases of flight around the globe.”

It says bundled cabin connectivity options will feature Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX, the fastest in-flight internet connection in business aviation, as well as other networks, such as Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband and ViaSat’s Ku-band service.

Flight-deck options will include a datalink service that enables mandated safety systems, including Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+.

Gulfstream Technical Operations, with on-site support from Satcom Direct, will be the single source for connectivity questions and troubleshooting.

Gulfstream’s company-owned service centres worldwide will complete connectivity installations in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia; Westfield, Massachusetts; Appleton, Wisconsin; Las Vegas, Nevada; Long Beach, California; Dallas, Texas; West Palm Beach, Florida; Luton, England; Sorocaba, Brazil; and Beijing, China.

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