AMAC gains STC for JetWave Ka-band antenna on Airbus A330

Honeywell MCS-8200 Ka-band JetWave antenna for Inmarsat's GX Aviation service.
Honeywell’s fuselage-mounted Ka-band MCS-8200 JetWave antenna for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service.

AMAC Aerospace has been awarded a new Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for an Inmarsat GX Ka-band antenna installation on an Airbus A330.

The installation was successfully developed by AMAC’s in-house engineering department.

The Honeywell JetWave Ka-band satcom system including fuselage-mounted antenna was installed during a base maintenance check, during which several cabin interior modifications and upgrades were performed.

The Ka-band system delivers a broadband internet service to the business jet market via Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX business aviation service and ensures an impressive connectivity experience.


This is the same fuselage-mounted Honeywell JetWave antenna used by commercial airlines for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation inflight connectivity service. It is capable of delivering up to 30-50Mbps, depending upon the contract chosen. The Jet ConneX business aviation contracts tend to top out at 15Mbps.

The increased data speeds enables business jet users greater access to the internet, TV and video streaming across multiple on-board devices.

It also supports uninterrupted Wi-Fi, email, web-browsing, video conferencing, data file transfers, and voice and text capabilities.

The A330-200 VIP aircraft was delivered on time and on budget to AMAC’s private client.

Eric Hoegen, Sales and Key Account Manager at AMAC Aerospace aid: “Our customer travels extensively for business and expects global connectivity worldwide.

At AMAC Aerospace we work closely with our vendors and our esteemed customers to ensure they receive the best and latest solutions on the market.”

Gunnar Jancke, Director Design Organisation and Quality Assurance at AMAC Aerospace, said: “This STC covering the JetWave Ka-band antenna installation on an Airbus A330-200 has been developed as a Multiple STC so that it can be installed on other Airbus A330 aircraft to meet the increasing demand for high-speed connectivity on board large VIP aircraft.”

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