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Brochure for Connected Aircraft eEnablement ConferenceThere is still time to book your place at September’s Connected Aircraft eEnablement Conference, being held near Heathrow, London, on 13 and 14 September 2017.

The conference, taking place at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, London Heathrow, underlines the increasing interest in aircraft eEnablement and how it can help reduce costs for airlines.

The launch of new High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) is rapidly changing the face of the aircraft connectivity marketplace with airlines moving from passenger centric IFE connectivity solutions to operationally driven IFC solutions.

Total global revenues from connectivity services are estimated to rise from around $1 USD billion in 2016 to around $7 USD billion by 2022.

eEnablement and the Internet of Things (IoT) for aviation have the potential to analyse in detail hundreds of elements of an airline’s business operations.

The conference organisers say the results of this analysis can thus be used to extract efficiencies in a large number of aspects, and so deliver substantial savings.

eEnablement can be described as a structured process as a means to build operational efficiency, capability and financial gain, via data creation, subscription, analysis, consolidation and value-added capabilities that extend across all airline departments.

The conference is covering all aspects of aircraft communications, connectivity and IFE (for the ground, cockpit and cabin).

Paradigm Shift

It will include an hour-long airline connectivity panel discussion entitled “Did the promises come true?”, which will be moderated by Craig Foster from Valour Consultancy – a leading in-flight connectivity consultancy firm.

Foster said: “The e-Aircraft represents a paradigm shift for airlines and many are in the early stages of deploying various connected aircraft applications.

However, there remain many challenges to overcome. These include siloed thinking within airlines, a lack of interoperability between solutions, and of course, concern over the issue of cybersecurity.

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Get Connected has merged with Simple Flying.

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Going forward, IFC service providers, many of which have backed into the connected aircraft arena by happenstance, will continue to bolster their portfolios and we’ll certainly see new partnerships and further M&A activity.

Carriers will begin to move beyond the low-hanging fruit that is the elimination of ‘sneaker net’ and paper-based approaches and implement more complex applications with the promise of realising further efficiency savings.”

Jon Norris, Panasonic Avionics Senior Director, Corporate Sales and Marketing, will speak about the “Internet of Me”.

Norris said: “This is similar to the ‘Internet of Things’ concept and takes all of the things that people care about and brings them together to deliver hyper-personalised and contextual experiences.

“Targeted advertisements based on our browsing history, the ‘login with Facebook’ capability on all of our favourite websites, and location-based services are just a few examples of digital experiences on the ground that are uniquely yours because of the ‘Internet of Me’.

“This topic will be introduced in the context of how Panasonic Avionics changed its approach when defining our NEXT IFEC platform for 2020 and beyond,” Norris concluded.

Aircraft eEnablement

The programme shows seminars will also include:

  • Cybersecurity through Big Data”
    Aviation A-ISAC, Jeffrey Troy, Executive Director

  • Connected Aircraft in the Age of IoT – Where is it all Heading?
    Satcom Direct, Michael Skou Christensen, Managing Director, EMEA

  • So, You Bought a Smart Aircraft – Now What? (Considerations for Operations Integration)”
    Rockwell Collins, Brad Weyer, Senior Director, Connected Aircraft Solutions, IMS

  • Lessons Learned from Operational e-Enablement
    Gogo, Clint Quanstrom, VP Product Management, Connected Aircraft Services

  • Boosting your Business with Connected Aircraft
    Airbus, Jaime Baringo-Ezquerra, Head of Digital Business Development and Airbus, Eric Peyrucain, Digital Transformation Leader

The conference will again be the perfect venue for the exchange of ideas for everything to do with ground, flight deck and cabin IFE connectivity, plus airline eEnablement strategies.

The event will also provide exceptional networking opportunities for all attendees.

Full details of the conference are now available. You can find out more and book your place at the Connected Aircraft eEnablement Conference website.


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