Gogo Business Aviation goes global with Ku-band connectivity

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Gogo Business Aviation logoGogo Business Aviation is expanding its reach to become a global provider with the announcement of a high throughput satellite (HTS) Ku-band inflight connectivity service for business aviation.

The new service will utilise Gogo’s existing Ku-band satellite network, the same high-capacity satellite network that is currently providing bandwidth for more than 550 commercial aviation aircraft across 10 airlines globally.

Gogo is currently bringing additional HTS (high throughput satellite) capacity online as part of its global satellite network, which will boost the performance of both its new business aviation Ku-band and its commercial aviation network solutions.

The Gogo Ku service is expected to be available in the second half of 2018.

Sergio Aguirre, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Gogo Business Aviation, said: “Gogo’s Ku-band satellite service will deliver a superior experience to anything else in the market today for anyone flying globally on business jets.

“Our customers’ hunger for data continues to increase and Gogo is ready to meet those needs on a global scale.

“While satellite networks used by competitors are designed and built for multiple markets including maritime, our network is designed for and fully dedicated to aviation, which will result in greater capacity and a better overall inflight Wi-Fi experience.

“And for those who fly internationally in and out of the U.S., Gogo Ku will be the perfect complement to the Gogo Biz 4G air-to-ground network – one comprehensive solution from one provider.”

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Unlike other providers who rely on only a handful of satellites, Gogo says its network can leverage an open ecosystem of more than 100 satellites for built-in redundancy.

As demand for bandwidth increases, Gogo says it will leverage the growing network of Ku-band satellites to ensure customers can access increased capacity.

Gogo claims it can add capacity more economically than other providers who can only add capacity by launching new satellites.

Gogo says Ku will deliver reliable, redundant coverage around the globe with streaming-class internet, and service from takeoff to landing.

It provides fast web browsing and other activities such as live streaming video and audio, on-demand movies, large file downloads, personal smartphone use, real-time data for cockpit apps, and remote diagnostics and support while in flight.

The primary components of the onboard system include a tail-mounted antenna, and hardware that is compatible with the Gogo AVANCE platform.

With an open architecture that leverages current and future high throughput Ku satellites, Gogo says Ku offers “unrivalled adaptability to keep aircraft connected now and in the future”.

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