NBAA: FlightSafety International adds SD aeroCNCT training

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SD - Satcom Direct, which offers the aeroCNCT trainingSatcom Direct (SD), the business aviation connectivity provider, has signed an agreement with FlightSafety International, to offer its certified cabin crew training course, aeroCNCT, through the global training organisation.

The agreement confirms the course will be included in the FlightSafety International training programme by the end of 2017, with first students expected to qualify in Q1 2018.

aeroCNCT is the industry’s only Crewmember Network and Connectivity Training certification which supports industry professionals working with, or responsible for, connectivity during flight.

Designed and developed with input from crew members the material uses real-world experiences to give crew members the confidence to tackle problems relating to applications and connectivity on personal devices during flight.

It also covers internet and connectivity familiarisation, network basics, flight operation preparation, data management fundamentals, use of applications, and troubleshooting tips.

The two-day course will be delivered by qualified FlightSafety instructors, who are supported by the SD training team.

The addition of the course to the curriculum strengthens, and expands, the existing relationship between SD and FlightSafety International, which already offers the certified SD aeroIT course, developed for IT, management and aviation networking professionals.

The accredited course, available through FlightSafety International since the start of 2017, has qualified approximately 50 professionals.

Throughout 2018, both the aeroIT and aeroCNCT professional development courses will become available at more FlightSafety Learning Centres.

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In addition, the SD Cabin Communications course, a basic familiarisation program that has been delivered at FlightSafety’s Savannah Learning Centre for more than five years, will now be available at the organization’s Dallas and Farnborough facilities by the end of the year.

Mark Mata, Director of Training, SD, said: “Connectivity is an essential part of any flight as principals and customers always expect systems to work. aeroCNCT was designed to demystify the network and give cabin crew the skills, vocabulary and confidence to support passengers and principals while flying.

“The certified course adds value to any crew member’s résumé, and hence the industry, so we are delighted that it will now be available to an expanded audience via FlightSafety International.”

Steve Gross, Senior Vice President, Commercial,FlightSafety International, added: “Further expanding the Satcom Direct Cabin Communications training we offer demonstrates FlightSafety’s commitment to work directly with industry experts to ensure the best possible training for our Customers who use these systems.”

Candidates attending FlightSafety International can use the organisation’s event-based credit system to access the course.

Those who successfully complete the aeroCNCT exam, developed with CompTIA to maintain industry standards, will achieve a professional credential.

The proctored exam can now be completed at select FlightSafety facilities as well as PearsonVUE testing centres worldwide, or at SD headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.

The aeroCNCT certification is valid for three years, and can be renewed via online or classroom training, similar to other cabin crew certifications from SD and its training partners.

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