NBAA: Rockwell Collins unveils inflight Wi-Fi and ADS-B options

Rockwell Collins logoRockwell Collins says it is the first to allow complete cabin and media control via a single inflight Wi-Fi access point, creating a more seamless experience for passengers.

The solution is made possible by integrating Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Electronic System (CES) with the Airborne Data Router (ADR) from ARINCDirect.

David Stanley, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development, Information Management Services for Rockwell Collins, said: “In the past, a passenger would be on one network to lower the cabin blinds but would have to switch to another if he or she wanted to browse the internet via inflight Wi-FI.

“This can now all be done using a single access point. It’s faster, easier and makes the in-flight experience much more seamless for passengers.”

The integration adds the ability to prioritize multiple WAN networks as well as the ability to control the cabin CES functions.

“This single inflight Wi-Fi access point also provides benefits for crew members,” continued Stanley. “With it, we can help business aviation operators use a single network to prioritise traffic and effectively manage their entire suite of connectivity options.”

The first installation for the solution’s launch customer was recently completed and the service contract is under way using Inmarsat’s Jet Connex broadband inflight Wi-Fi  service.

ADS-B transponder

Rockwell Collins has also announced a new variant of its TDR-94/94D Mode S Transponder to help aircraft owners meet the rapidly approaching ADS-B Out mandate by the end of 2019.

The transponder’s latest improvement includes the ability to automatically generate a fixed flight ID from the Mode S code for U.S. registered aircraft. For customers that don’t have a flight ID to send from a controller, this removes the need to upgrade other parts of their avionics system to become compliant.

“This new variant is another way for owners to equip without doing a full avionics upgrade,” said Craig Olson, Vice President and General Manager, Business and Regional Systems for Rockwell Collins.

“With the ADS-B Out mandate deadline quickly approaching, we’ve been hard at work to bring options to the market that make it easier for owners to get equipped in time.”

To support installation of the new transponder and the required GPS position source, two new approved model list supplemental type certificates (AML-STC) are being developed, covering over 55 unique Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft models.

The TDR-94/94D and the new certifications will be available through any Rockwell Collins-authorised dealer in early 2018.

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