NBAA: Rockwell Collins introduces Jet ConneX support tools

Rockwell Collins logoRockwell Collins is introducing new support tools that enable business aviation operators using Jet ConneX (JX) high-speed inflight connectivity from Inmarsat to optimise the end-to-end management of the service.

Rockwell Collins is a value-added reseller of the JX service as part of its ARINCDirect offering. Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX can deliver up to 15Mbps to the aircraft using a small tail-mount Honeywell JetWave antenna.

David Stanley, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development, Information Management Services for Rockwell Collins, said: “JX’s speed and coverage are driving its adoption by business aviation operators globally.

“We’ve developed these tools to enable operators using JX to enhance its usage and management through every phase of flight, ultimately improving the passenger experience and optimising costs.”

Preflight, ARINCDirect customers can overlay JX coverage maps on their route, helping to ensure they will not fly outside of internet coverage and lose connectivity. JX is currently delivered by three geostationary I-5 satellites.

During the trip, new advanced troubleshooting capabilities give the ARINCDirect technical support team more insight into a customer’s JX utilisation.

If the technical support team identifies a break in in-flight service for example, they will proactively contact the customer to identify and fix the issue, ensuring the aircraft stays connected.

Post flight, the new usage tool enables ARINCDirect customers to see, at a glance, a comprehensive view of cabin data usage including current monthly subscription plan, historic (as far back as nine months) and daily usage.

For additional insight, each of the views can be broken out into upload and download usage.

The new Rockwell Collins JX support tools are available now for ARINCDirect customers and will be demonstrated at the company’s exhibit N4000 during the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) 2017 event being held this week.

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