Satcom Direct DLU for FANS over Iridium achieves certification

SD - Satcom DirectThe Satcom Direct (SD) FANS-1/A Data Link Unit (DLU) has become the first system to achieve FAA TSO-C159c for Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) over Iridium flight deck data communications.

FAA TSO-C159c (Technical Standard Order) is the latest standard and with this achievement, the company says it continues to make it easier to become FANS-1/A compliant.

The DLU, previously the first Iridium data link to receive FAA TSO-C159a in April 2015, has now met an additional certification milestone without any changes to the system’s software or hardware.

Mark van Berkel, General Manager of SD’s avionics division said: “TSO certification makes it simpler to obtain an STC, easing installation, while allowing owners and operators to both reap the benefits of more efficient routes, and preserve the critical safety features of FANS-1/A compliance.

“This accomplishment is a testament to the DLU’s robust software and hardware design, which has been demonstrated to meet the latest minimum operational performance standards — RTCA/DO-262 MOPS — for operators who want to comply with the 2020 ADS-C mandate.”


Jim Jensen, SD Chairman and CEO, added: “We see increasing demand for FANS—Future Air Navigation System—over Iridium solutions.

“Our DLU plays a key role in flight deck safety and we constantly evaluate technology to bring the best solutions and support to our customers.

“That it also dovetails with our FlightDeck Freedom solution offers operators a complete solution for the flight deck.”

FANS over Iridium data link systems are cost effective and operate globally giving aircraft flight-deck data connectivity regardless of flight path.

“Our customers required the latest aviation standard. We listened, understood their needs and delivered — this is our way,” explained van Berkel.


A FANS-1/A data link unit simplifies pilot to controller communication, reduces communications error, eases crew stress and increases efficiency in congested air space.

The Satcom Direct FANS-1/A DLU is a standalone component that complies with the latest FAA hardware and software standards.

Small and lightweight, it operates with a wide variety of existing FMS (Flight Management Systems) via a standard ARINC data interface — which also makes it future-ready.

The DLU requires no configuration and has a built-in Iridium transceiver. As operators who fly transoceanic routes understand, increasing commercial and business jet traffic, and the imminent 2020 ADS-C mandate magnify the importance of qualified data link capability, an essential ingredient for FANS 1/A compliance.

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