TrueNorth brand to become SD Avionics

TrueNorth is to become SD Avionics - Satcom DirectBusiness inflight connectivity provider Satcom Direct (SD) says it is transitioning the TrueNorth Avionics brand to SD Avionics over the coming months.

It adds that the new name reflects the integration of the two companies nearly a year after SD announced the acquisition.

SD Avionics will continue to provide business aviation avionics products, including the FANS-1/A Data Link Unit, recently FAA TSO-C159c certified, the Satcom Direct Router (SDR), the SDR Gateway (aviation’s upgradable cabin communications system) and the Stylus handset, business aviation’s customisable phone.

Going forward, the company will continue to be responsible for the design engineering, manufacturing and production of SD Avionics products, as well as being integral in producing the expanding portfolio of communications solutions available from Satcom Direct.

SD Avionics will also research and develop new avionics products to support the business aviation market’s growing demand for operational connectivity.

The SD Avionics offices will remain in Ottawa, Canada with the existing team headed by Mark van Berkel, General Manager in place to support anticipated growth as part of the SD Group.

Jim Jensen, Chairman and Founder of Satcom Direct, said: “The branding of SD Avionics reflects an essential part of our long-term strategy which is to continue connecting the business aviation network, through all phases of flight, from nose to tail.

“The expertise, the manufacturing skills and the quality of the products adds real value to our offering which is why we have brought the business under the SD brand.”

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