Emirates signs contract with Esterline for SATCOM Antenna

The Esterline CMC CMA-2200SB IGA antenna
The Esterline CMC CMA-2200SB IGA antenna

Esterline Avionics Systems has signed an agreement with Emirates to supply its CMC Electronics CMA-2200SB Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA), for the Boeing 777X aircraft, with deliveries starting in early 2020.

The Esterline CMC CMA-2200SB Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) is ARINC 781 compliant and supports cockpit safety service and multi-channel SwiftBroadband services.

It weighs in about three kilogrammes compared with a typical high gain antenna (HGA) weight of approximately nine kilogrammes.

The IGA’s small size and narrow width do not require an adapter plate in order to fill the gap between the fuselage and the antenna, unlike HGAs and larger IGAs.

Considering the B777X’s flight deck SATCOM target to be a light installation, Emirates says it finds the Class 7 SBB data rate of the CMA-2200SB to be adequate for cockpit use, while reaping the benefits of a new technology, lower weight and less drag IGA.

Claude Chidiac, Vice President advanced products, Esterline CMC Electronics, said: “We are delighted to have signed our first agreement for the Boeing 777X aircraft. The characteristics and performance of our CMA-2200SB are well suited for this fuel-efficient aircraft.

“This contract adds to our rich history of delivering SATCOM antennas to airlines all over the world. For the past 25 years, we have delivered more than 4,000 antennas which have delivered incredible in-service reliability.

“We are very happy to count a world-class airline such as Emirates among our customers,” he said..

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