Major carrier selects Honeywell data-loading solution

Honeywell logoAn unnamed major carrier is to become the first to select the Honeywell Aircraft Data Gateway solution to speed up the transfer of data to and from an aircraft, regardless of its location.

The carrier selected Honeywell’s solution to save time from the traditional data transfer methods, which use multiple data-loading or interface units.

Honeywell says now one affordable, lightweight device opens up a world of capabilities for the Connected Aircraft.

Designed specifically for airlines, Aircraft Data Gateway-300 (ADG-300) is a single, compact unit that replaces multiple data-loading or interface units.

Honeywell’s solution will help the customer manage real-time aircraft loading status, and eliminate the need to produce and distribute software and database media disks.

The ADG-300 will reduce the customer’s data-loading times by up to 50 percent, thereby improving fleet operations and aircraft availability. The ADG-300 merges with electronic flight bags and pilot tablets, so flight crews can easily install the solution.

By creating a way to wirelessly transfer data to and from an aircraft at any time, Honeywell says its solution allows pilots and ground personnel to access in an instant the aircraft’s performance data and operational status.

In addition to the simplification and ease in collecting and managing data, Aircraft Data Gateway enables Connected Aircraft services such as Honeywell’s GoDirect™ Connected Loading, GoDirect Connected Maintenance, GoDirect Weather and more to help the carrier further improve operational efficiency.

Kristin Slyker, Vice President, Connected Aircraft, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “We are committed to giving our customers access to real-time information, so they can make informed decisions based on an aircraft’s status at any time.

“Aircraft Data Gateway is a simple solution that helps pilots, maintenance and operations personnel to boost their productivity by performing data loading and offloading securely and automatically with their fleet.”

The ADG-300 enables aggregation of aircraft data from multiple sources, including quick access recoding data, and can automatically send the data in real time (or store it for automatic downloading after landing) to ground servers. It also enables loading of loadable software airplane parts.

The gateway offers storage with interface capabilities for flight crews to use tablets at any time to view, send and receive flight operations information, manuals and maintenance information.

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