SD training helping to demystify inflight connectivity

Powered by SD - Satcom DirectSponsored feature: Inflight connectivity systems on business aircraft can often be complex and unfamiliar to the people trying to support them. After all, cabin crew are not computer network experts and ground support staff may not be completely familiar with internet systems either.

To help, Satcom Direct (SD) has developed a range of training courses aimed at demystifying inflight connectivity technology and helping people understand it better.

For example, SD offers its aeroIT certification for the configuration and troubleshooting of IP networks and internet systems on board an aircraft. It is a professional credential created together with CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications.

SD says aeroIT is not just a certificate, and is similar and complementary to IT industry-standard certifications for IT networking professionals.

Candidates must complete the training and pass the proctored exam through Pearson Vue, the leading provider of global computer-based testing solutions for information technology, academic, government, and professional examinations. Self-study courseware is also available for purchase at:

Successful candidates receive a renewable aeroIT certification that is valid for three years, as per the industry standard. The aeroIT exam focuses on satellite networks, IP network theory, troubleshooting aircraft networks and network management.

aeroCNCT certified training course

In April 2017, SD also launched its aeroCNCT certified training course.

Satcom Direct (SD) has become the first service provider to activate Inmarsat Jet ConneX inflight connectivity technology on a Brazilian-registered executive aircraft.Designed for crew members who need to become more familiar with all aspects of cabin inflight connectivity, it is the aviation industry’s first crew member connectivity certification.

aeroCNCT provides flight departments and crew with knowledge and understanding of passenger devices and on-board inflight connectivity, how handheld devices affect flight operations, and how to troubleshoot basic device networking issues.

Developed with the input of experienced crew members, the course applies real-world experience and perspective, and places emphasis on key cabin connectivity areas such as internet connection basics, network familiarisation, data management, flight operations preparation, device applications and basic troubleshooting.

Mark Mata, SD’s Director of Training, said: “Staying connected has become an essential part of any flight as principals and customers expect systems to work. aeroCNCT is designed to demystify the network and ensure crew have the confidence and familiarisation to fix basic technical issues inflight.

“It makes their lives easier, while providing a better inflight connectivity experience for the passengers on board.”

Two days of dynamic classroom training, provided by qualified SD trainers, includes hands-on experience and exam preparation. This is supplemented by online access to study material, available via the Choice Platform, which can be conveniently undertaken at the student’s individual pace to balance busy flight schedules.

On-site training, also provided by qualified SD trainers, is available for operators and corporate flight departments.

Candidates who successfully complete the exam, developed with CompTIA to maintain industry certification standards, are awarded a professional credential. The proctored exam can be completed at Pearson Vue testing centers worldwide, or at Satcom Direct’s world headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.

CyberSAFE (Securing Assets For End-users)

The latest addition to SD’s training portfolio is the launch of a set of training initiatives addressing cyber security and the threat therein. CyberSAFE (Securing Assets For End-users) has been developed by Logical Operations and is a certified course that SD’s trainers are certified to teach. It is also available online through the SD Learning Management System (LMS) for self-paced learning or live instructor led classes.

Supporting the industry’s general understanding is an international Cyber Seminar Series. The aim is to set the scene about the importance of cyber security in business aviation, and looks at potential solutions provided by SD.

An online kit educates the community about the issues to consider, and what is needed to handle them– see

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR).
The Satcom Direct Router (SDR).

The seminar series is kicking off with the first workshop at the African Business Aviation Association’s AfBAC event in Johannesburg in late November 2017.

All the above are client agnostic – that is, you do not need to be a client of SD to take the courses.

In May, SD opened an “Entry Into Service” (EIS) hangar where principals can have their aircraft spend some time with the SD team, training up the crew and flight department on all areas of the technology – this is something unique to SD.

This offers professional on-site instruction and support for new and existing customers to ensure the best possible user experience with SD products and services.

Its team of Technical Solutions Managers (TSMs) facilitate seamless delivery of SD solutions, focusing on the Satcom Direct Router (SDR®) and SD Pro.

It provides user training, troubleshooting, and solution development so flight department personnel are confident and comfortable with the SD services on board their aircraft.

SD also runs several courses that do not result in certification, but nevertheless help crew and staff that need to understand inflight connectivity.

SD’s Cabin Communications Technical Training Class

For example, SD’s Cabin Communications Technical Training Class is a two-day training course covering all aspects of the Inmarsat satellite system and its associated aeronautical services, such as Swift64 and SwiftBroadband.

Geared towards maintenance personnel, this course provides eight credit hours towards Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal. In addition, the course also provides all aircraft personnel with an understanding of what system is on board their aircraft and how it operates.

SD also has two courses entitled Satcom Fundamentals Training. The courses provide detailed instruction on various satellite networks, services and troubleshooting techniques.

The level one course provides an overview of satellite communication networks with a detailed introduction on the constellations from Inmarsat, Iridium, ViaSat and more. The course details the various segments and services associated with each network, including hardware and service activation processes.

Passenger on bizjet using a phoneThe level two course helps delegates learn the essential checks for troubleshooting satcom and cabin networks, including understanding hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting evolvement and configurations for each network, as well as understanding the data flow from the cabin to the ground.

SD has also partnered with FlightSafety International, to allow customers to utilize their event-based training credits towards aeroIT and aeroCNCT. FlightSafety also offers co-developed classes that focus on aircraft cabin communications for maintenance technicians, corporate flight attendants, and pilots.

The classroom portion of the training takes place at FlightSafety’s Maintenance Training Center at the Savannah Airport (SAV), and the hands-on training is conducted at Satcom Direct’s SAV office utilizing the fully-operational aircraft style lab.

For more details of SD’s courses and certifications visit its website at:

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