Viasat unveils new strategic global brand identity

Viasat logoViasat has unveiled its new strategic, global brand identity, consolidating its key sub-brands.

These including Exede consumer internet, Yonder Ku-band aviation service, among others – under one Viasat master brand.

The company has also introduced a new logo and visual identity system – note the use of the lower case “s”, where it used to be a capital.

Mark Dankberg, Viasat’s Chairman and CEO, said: “Our previous brand proudly served Viasat for more than three decades, but as our service portfolio expands both domestically and internationally across consumer, enterprise, aviation and maritime markets, and our defence business continues to defy industry trends, there is greater value for us to present one unified brand to customers and partners around the world.

“Drawing on the industry reputation and strength of relationships we’ve built in each segment of our business, we believe one brand can help us grow market and consumer awareness as well as attract the very best talent around the world.”

Viasat has also updated its corporate logo and visual identity system, reflecting it says “a signal of growth and opportunity”.

The new logo is intended to be more modern and friendly as it will be applied to new industry sectors and in more international markets, while still maintaining continuity with government and enterprise customers and partners.

Dankberg continued: “There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of Viasat.

“The impending launch of ViaSat-2 services will move us farther up-market in technology and service levels, and with our ViaSat-3 constellation we expect to realise our ambition to be the first truly global, scalable, broadband service provider.

“Additionally, our work on cybersecurity, tactical data links, virtualization, web acceleration, digital media, and more all contribute to our ability to deliver connections that can change the world.

“It’s for these reasons that now was the right time to evolve our brand.”

Viasat says the new brand system was developed in close consultation with a leading global branding agency. The team conducted substantial research among key stakeholders to develop the unifying brand.

The identity system incorporates a “flexible approach to support Viasat’s disparate product suite while also providing room for future growth”.

For more information, and a behind the scenes look at the brand, visit Viasat’s corporate blog.

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