Florent wins ‘Get Connected’ Quiz and £50 Amazon Voucher

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The 2017 “Get Connected” Christmas Quiz was won by Florent Rizzo of Euroconsult in Paris. Thanks to all of those who submitted entries and we hope you have a great 2018.

The Christmas Quiz question was : What do the letters “Ku” stand for in the term Ku-band satellite? Hint – see our feature L/Ku/Ka-band satellites – what does it all mean?

Florent, and many others, correctly answered that it stands for “Kurz Unten”, the German (literally) for “short below” or “short under” – this is because Ku is the lower part of the original NATO K band, which was split into three bands (Ku, K, and Ka) because of the presence of the atmospheric water vapour resonance peak at 22.24 GHz, (1.35 cm), which made the centre unusable for long range transmission.

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Here are the real questions and the answers can be found at the bottom of the page:

Question 1

In January, who set up a JetWave lab in Paris to support its Inmarsat GX customers?

Question 2

In February, who announced a joint development project with Airbus for an Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA) antenna, as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme?

Question 3

In March, who joined with SES and Hughes to announce agreements for its FlytLIVE product?

Question 4

In April, which airlines selected SITAONAIR to provide them with their Inmarsat GX inflight connectivity?

Question 5

In May, who won a contract to supply inflight connectivity on Icelandair’s 737 MAX fleet?

Question 6

In June, “Get Connected’s” Steve Nichols headed to Monaco to visit the mission control centre of which record-breaking aircraft?

Question 7

In July, which airline’s A350s entered service with Panasonic Avionics inflight connectivity?

Question 8

In August, which inflight connectivity provider announced that the number of commercial aircraft now online with its system was 3,109?

Question 9

In September, who announced it was to be acquired by United Technologies for $30bn?

Question 10

In October, whose Aspire 200 inflight connectivity system was certified for use on helicopters?

Question 11

In November, whose new satellite-based inflight connectivity system did “Get Connected’s” Steve Nichols get to test at the Dubai Air Show?

Question 12

In December, whose new CyberSAFE training course was launched?


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1.   It was Eclipse – see Eclipse sets up JetWave lab to support Inmarsat GX customers

2.   It was Gilat – see Gilat to develop Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA)

3.   It was Thales – see Thales, SES and Hughes announce agreements for FlytLIVE

4.   It was Air Caraïbes and its sister company French Blue, France’s first-ever low-cost, long-haul airline – see AIX: Air Caraïbes and French Blue select SITAONAIR for GX

5.   It was Viasat – see Viasat wins contract for connectivity on Icelandair 737MAX fleet

6.   It was Solar Inpulse 2 – see How does Solar Impulse 2 use inflight connectivity?

7.   It was Asiana – see Asiana A350s enter service with Panasonic connectivity

8.   It was Gogo – see Gogo increases number of commercial aircraft online to 3,109

9.   It was Rockwell Collins – see Rockwell Collins acquired by United Technologies for $30bn

10. It was Honeywell – see Honeywell Aspire 200 connectivity certified for helicopters

11.  It was Yahsat – see Yahsat inflight connectivity tested at Dubai airshow

12. It was Satcom Direct – see Satcom Direct launches Cybersafe course for business aviation


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