Gogo unveils AVANCE L3 ATG system for business aviation

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Gogo Business Aviation - responsible for the AVANCE L3Gogo Business Aviation has unveiled its Gogo AVANCE L3 inflight connectivity system, offering a small, lightweight form factor and what it claims are the most affordable pricing options in business aviation.

Gogo’s says its technology platform lets users customise their inflight experience based on their needs, and can be installed on business aircraft of all types and sizes, but is an ideal solution for smaller aircraft including turboprops and light jets.

The Gogo AVANCE platform integrates a full range of Smart Cabin features, allowing passengers to access and use all available data, voice, maps, entertainment and cabin management system (CMS) services.

The new system includes a built-in smart router and allows for a variety of service offerings to best fit a customer’s needs.

With AVANCE L3, Gogo says they can control and manage the number of devices they allow to connect and can scale their configuration up or down seamlessly as needs change.

Using AVANCE L3, Gogo says anyone on board the aircraft can stay connected to email; send text messages and make voice calls with Gogo Text & Talk (service plan required); access their favourite flight apps such as moving maps, weather and flight information; or watch movies and TV shows using Gogo Vision (service plan required).

For customers looking for full internet connectivity, Gogo says AVANCE L3 can be enabled to connect to the Gogo Biz data network delivering a 3G experience.

Notice to all readers:

Get Connected has merged with Simple Flying.

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Three service offerings will be available to deliver performance and flexibility, while not breaking the budget:

  • CORE – For customers primarily interested in email, voice and light internet browsing capabilities, Core enables up to five devices. Hourly and monthly service plans available.
  • PLUS – For customers looking for full internet connectivity in addition to email, Plus enables up to seven devices. Monthly service plans available.
  • MAX – Delivers similar capabilities to Plus, but enables up to 25 devices. Monthly service plans available.

Mike Syverson, Senior Vice President of development for Gogo Business Aviation, said: “We designed AVANCE L3 to provide a robust, high-performance Wi-Fi experience at an affordable price that gives customers the flexibility to add or reduce system capabilities as their business needs evolve.

“AVANCE L3 gives the ability to move seamlessly to different service offerings without being constrained by the hardware itself. It’s the AVANCE software-centric solutions from the provider you trust.”

Additional AVANCE L3 features include:

  • 11ac dual-band (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) for improved Wi-Fi performance
  • Advanced router functionality
  • Multi-bearer data and voice management
  • Cabin management system (CMS) integration with many CMS systems
  • Remote diagnostics and service activations and changes
  • 4G/LTE terrestrial modem for free internet on the ground in more than 120 countries

Gogo is accepting orders now for AVANCE L3 with shipping expected to begin later in the first quarter of 2018.

The Gogo AVANCE L3 system operates over the Gogo Biz network which delivers a 3G experience, covering the United States and portions of Canada and Alaska.

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