Cobham promoting AVIATOR terminals at Singapore Show

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Cobham Satcom's AVIATOR 300D.
Cobham Satcom’s AVIATOR 300D.

Cobham SATCOM has been promoting its next-generation SwiftBroadband-Safety-powered terminals at this week’s Singapore Air Show.

The AVIATOR 300D and 350D terminals are two of the latest additions to Cobham’s established AVIATOR portfolio, offering a bridge to the new era of air traffic management (FANS 1/A) represented by the combination of Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) flight deck communications platform and Cobham’s landmark AVIATOR S series.

It says both systems are already enabling airlines to capitalise on SB-S as a strategic asset, meeting the shift in aviation safety services by offering global, high-speed, secure IP connectivity for the cockpit and enhancing airline safety and operations through better communications and the availability of real-time, in-air information for pilots, crew and air traffic management.

The 350D system has been selected by Hawaiian Airlines (HAL) for installation on its new Airbus A321neo (new engine option) fleet, while the 300D system has been installed on United and Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 767 aircraft and Shenzhen Airlines’ Airbus 320 aircraft, as part of the SB-S technology evaluation.

The AVIATOR 300D system, which includes Cobham’s compact and lightweight IGA-5001 Intermediate Gain Antenna, ensures a low profile on the fuselage for fast and reliable connectivity on the Inmarsat satellite network, while the Cobham 350D system connects to Cobham’s HGA-7001 High Gain antennas offering additional bandwidth.

Graphic showing SwiftBroadband-Safety capabilities.Further advantages of the systems include recurrent maintenance savings due to the integral high reliability of the underlying technology platform and weight savings (approximately 50 to 150 lbs) over traditional aviation satcom systems.

The Cobham solutions both combine FANS 1/A safety services (CPDLC, ADS-C) and voice connectivity with IP data capability.

Andrew Legg, Regional Sales Director, APAC, Cobham SATCOM, said: “With the first FANS 1/A deadline already in enforcement for routes along the NAT High Level, and further enforcements coming into play at the start of 2020 on FL290 and above, there’s a compelling advantage to upgrading communications equipment on board your aircraft today.

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“As the only SB-S approved system currently flying, Cobham, with its AVIATOR 300D and 350D systems, can help you to meet the requirements of FANS 1/A and avoid the hassle of installation backlogs, supply and demand cost increases and the inability to fly key routes.

“Additionally, you can reap benefits of a better connected and more profitable airline, today.”

Cobham’s range of SwiftBroadband-Safety powered AVIATOR systems can tap in to Inmarsat’s SB-S data service, providing secure connectivity for the cockpit, faster communications, continual positional awareness for flight tracking, flight data streaming and real-time electronic flight bag applications, such as networked graphical weather.

Other benefits of the service include enhanced airline safety with services such as Black Box in the Cloud, as well as asset utilisation, security and operational efficiency in the form of more fuel-efficient routes and the ability to transmit vital aircraft performance and positioning data in real time.

Inmarsat is also highlighting an added bonus for airlines that greater capacity communications create new applications to improve flight safety.

It recently launched the Certified Application Provider Programme to certify third party commercial applications for use on its SB-S platform which is open to established application providers and developers.

Cobham says the ongoing evaluation of SB-S has demonstrated the speed and quality of SB-S applications, with live EFB capability achieved with the HAL Boeing 767-300 aircraft equipped with Cobham AVIATOR avionics and Inmarsat’s SB-S service.


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