AirFi DRM-protected movies now available without an app

The AirFI wireless IFE solutionAirFi has announced that it has received formal approval from Warner Brothers – the first of the six major Hollywood Studios – for its browser-based DRM technology that allows passengers to stream DRM-protected content without the need to download apps in advance.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines has also confirmed that it will expand the number of AirFi-equipped short-haul leased aircraft from 10 in 2017 to 34 for the summer 2018 season.

Tracy Barr, Head of Product at Thomas Cook Group Airlines, said: “Passenger feedback shows they want IFE on the short-haul leased aircraft we use during the summer and we have seen that conversion for browser-based IFE like AirFi is a lot higher than an app-based IFE.

“This summer we will have an enhanced content selection, integrated sales of AirFi premium access codes through the crew’s on-board sales devices, enhanced complimentary destination content and we will be introducing new ways to drive revenues through content-related advertising.”

AirFi says enabling clients to gain access to the widest possible choice of premium content yet keeping to the core principle of universal access for any device – via a browser not an app – has been a motivating factor.

Together with CSP West Entertainment, it introduced non-DRM content from a number of leading distributors early last year, including the independent Hollywood studios and major TV distributors like Turner, CBS, ITV, Discovery and BBC.

It says gaining the first approval for non-app DRM content is another watershed moment for the company.

Martin Cunnison, CCO AirFi, said: “We are delighted to announce AirFi will be featuring content from the iconic Warner Bros studios.

“We serve a great many leisure traveller-focused airlines around the world so as you can imagine there is huge excitement to offer passengers blockbuster movies and hit TV series from the WB stable such as DC Comics, LEGO, Lara Croft, Harry Potter and Big Bang Theory.”

The latest-generation AirFi Box features up to 24 hours of operational battery life, 1Tb data storage and up-rated hardware and software, yet weighs in under 2kg.

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