Gilat launches fully-integrated dual-band Ku/Ka aero terminal

Gilat's AeroEdge 6000 fully-integrated Ku/Ka aero terminal.
Gilat’s AeroEdge 6000 fully-integrated Ku/Ka aero terminal.

Gilat Satellite Networks has launched AeroEdge 6000, a high performance terminal for commercial inflight connectivity. The dual-band terminal includes Gilat’s Ku/Ka band antenna, modem manager (MODMAN), and Wavestream transceivers.

The AeroEdge 6000 terminal operates in both Ka and Ku band providing aeronautical broadband satellite communication for high-speed internet and multimedia applications.

The terminal includes Gilat’s ER 6000-A Ku/Ka antenna, SkyEdge II-c Taurus MODMAN, Ku/Ka Antenna Networking Data Unit (KANDU) and Wavestream’s Ku/Ka Radio Frequency Unit (KRFU).

Gilat says the terminal allows seamless transition between Ka-band inflight connectivity coverage and Ku-band coverage thus utilising the best available satellite resources for cost-efficiency and performance. It is suitable for connectivity aboard commercial aircraft travelling air routes that require a combination of Ka and Ku coverage to serve the full air route.

The Taurus MODMAN is equipped with a full set of embedded protocol optimisation and application acceleration features.

High spectral efficiency is delivered via wideband DVB-S2X carriers in the forward direction and fast adaptive and spread-spectrum LDPC transmission in the return direction.

Operated over Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c multi-service platform, AeroEdge 6000 is a new addition to the family of SkyEdge terminals.

Amir Yafe, Head of Products at Gilat, said: “We are pleased to bring to market the AeroEdge 6000, a complete terminal with superior system transmission performance and efficiency.

“The terminal maintains application continuity with automatic beam/gateway and satellite switchover and was designed to assure continuous gate-to-gate operation.

“The terminal recently achieved download speeds of 130Mbps in a live customer demonstration in China with dozens of concurrent users.

“This terminal is a major milestone in Gilat’s strategy to leverage our global IFC expertise and leadership for adoption to local markets and with regional service providers where different frequency bands are used in different flight routes.”

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