Global Eagle expands inflight connectivity network with Hughes

Global Eagle Entertainment logoHughes Network Systems and Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) have announced two major enhancements to GEE’s global inflight connectivity network, bringing more capacity and faster speeds to airlines and their passengers.

First, the Hughes JUPITER aeronautical system is being deployed to support continued expansion of Global Eagle’s airline connectivity customers worldwide, and the second is a continued expansion of the network in North America.

Global Eagle says its adoption of the Hughes JUPITER Aero system allows Globval Eagle’s airline customers and passengers to receive the highest speeds in the industry while at the same time enjoying improved operating economics.

It says the JUPITER Aero system delivers extremely fast and consistent beam and satellite times. Together these attributes enable a superior user experience. Global Eagle’s first deployment of the Jupiter Aero system will be in support of international airline routes, with plans to expand.

Hughes and Global Eagle also are working together to increase the bandwidth and performance delivered to a leading North American airline and its passengers.

This effectively doubles the capacity being used today by Global Eagle in North America, enabling airlines to accommodate growing passenger demand and delivering superior speed and performance for the array of applications passengers use.

The expansion consists of both additional ground-based gateway terminals and associated infrastructure as well as a significant increase in satellite capacity allocated to the service.

“We are pleased that through our work with Hughes, passengers aboard a North American airline and many other airlines worldwide will have improved speeds and network performance,” said Per Norén, SVP Aviation, Global Eagle.

“Together, these moves highlight our focus on connectivity-driven content. We appreciate the relationship with Hughes since our company was founded.”

Paul Gaske, EVP of Hughes, added: “We have had the good fortune to serve Global Eagle since their inception and we are tremendously pleased to be able to support them with the most recent expansion of their network.

“We are especially pleased to have them adopt our JUPITER Aero System and view it as yet another testament to its exceptional performance and capabilities.”

Hughes’ JUPITER System is the world’s most widely-deployed High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) platform, operating on more than 20 satellites by leading service providers, delivering a wide range of broadband enterprise, mobility and cellular backhaul applications.

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