Honeywell expands connected aircraft reach with new router

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Honeywell is expanding its range of Connected Aircraft offerings with the launch of its new GoDirect Router inflight connectivity solution.

It says the router is roughly half the size and weight, and one-third the current price, of comparable products. By enabling redundant connectivity in an easy-to-install package, Honeywell says the new router offers the broadest and most secure set of features available.

The GoDirect Router maximises available onboard Wi-Fi bandwidth and enables a reliable, in-flight wireless connection on any network, including Honeywell’s own GoDirect Cabin services.

The GoDirect Router can be installed virtually anywhere in an aircraft, often in less than one hour. In addition, installing two routers next to each other provides a Wi-Fi backup and improves the reliability and quality of connectivity to users.

John Peterson, Senior Director, Connectivity Services, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “Think of it like using a brand-new tablet instead of a 15-year-old laptop.

“The new GoDirect Router design is smaller and a lighter weight, making it easier to install almost anywhere in the plane. That makes it more accessible for all kinds of aircraft.

“Just as important, it provides the capabilities pilots, owners and operators need to enable the Connected Aircraft. It gives them access to all kinds of unique data and services that increase safety while saving time and money.”

The new router provides the same access to Honeywell’s GoDirect software and services as on Honeywell’s larger CNX-900, no matter the connectivity provider.

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Get Connected has merged with Simple Flying.

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The new router will also include threat detection, increasing the security and privacy of the connection. The GoDirect Router is an upgrade for Honeywell’s existing CNX-250, CNX-200 and other Satcom Direct routers and can be easily replaced in a short time.

On a commercial note, Honeywell has also announced that its GoDirect Flight Efficiency software has been adopted by International Airlines Group (IAG) across its fleet of more than 500 aircraft.

IAG will use the Connected Aircraft flight data analytics software to see where carbon emissions can be cut, while boosting efficiency and reducing overall fuel costs.

The Flight Efficiency software part of the wider GoDirect family integrates with existing systems to produce more than 100 analysis reports.

David Shilliday, Vice President, Airlines, EMEA, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “Improving flight efficiency and reducing emissions are among the biggest pressures facing airlines today.

“For a business like International Airlines Group, which operates some of the world’s leading airlines, this is even more crucial. Our GoDirect Flight Efficiency solution is a user-friendly software upgrade that integrates data sources to monitor fuel use and lower environmental impact.”

Honeywell says its GoDirect family is a complete portfolio of more than 50 value-adding aviation services and applications that provides operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with critical information to manage their services and network.

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