SITAONAIR to deliver new connected aircraft ‘smart core’

Astronics Ballard webCS, smart AID/server/router.
Astronics Ballard webCS, smart AID/server/router.

SITAONAIR says it is delivering a next-generation connected aircraft ‘smart core’ that will significantly enhance airline data communications and operations.

The company has partnered with Astronics Ballard Technology to provide an integrated product solution using their new webCS Wireless Aircraft Communications Server along with SITAONAIR’s e-enabled application software.

It says this software and hardware solution greatly reduces deployment complexity and will bring even greater value to the company’s airline customers – delivering enhanced capabilities and operational efficiencies – empowering airlines to realise the promises of the connected aircraft.

The ‘smart core’ brings together the vast connected aircraft data collected by SITAONAIR’s e-Aircraft DataCapture solutions for cockpit, cabin, and aircraft operations.

It then distributes the SITAONAIR-processed data onboard using Astronics Ballard Technology’s flexible webCS, a smart AID/server/router that securely bridges avionics data with wired and wireless networks in a single compact box.

SITAONAIR says it already plays a central airline e-enablement and data management role, in an age where the volume of data generated by aircraft has sky-rocketed from five parameters in 1958, to more than 200,000 today.

The company last year launched its pioneering e-Aircraft DataCapture solution – a result of the company’s collaboration with Air France to deliver ‘virtual black box’ flight recording solutions for automatic data collection.

Dominique El Bez, SITAONAIR Vice President, Product and Strategy, said: “Our new partnership marks an evolution in SITAONAIR’s e-enablement strategy and is a true hallmark of the connected aircraft age.

“The arrival of our smart core for an intuitive, integrated connected aircraft reinforces our pioneering open platforms vision, by encompassing complete, flexible and scalable aircraft data management solutions both onboard and on the ground.”

Jon Neal of Astronics Ballard Technology added: “We are extremely pleased to be selected by SITAONAIR to provide the secure platform on which to build this total e-enablement solution. We share their desire to allow airline customers to access their data to enable and empower better decision-making that will streamline and transform their operations.”

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