AIX: Cadami speeds up IFE with intelligent caching

Thomas Kuehn, Cadami's Chief Sales Officer.
Thomas Kuehn, Cadami’s Chief Sales Officer.

Cadami showed how it uses intelligent caching to speed up video streaming for inflight entertainment. Its technology uses the aircraft’s “quiet” times to cache content onto seat-back screens.

It says its software allows airlines to provide a huge library of high-quality video content without updating their hardware.

Cadami uses a patented combination of the latest coded caching and transmission standards to make highly-efficient use of the existing server, Ethernet network and seat-back screens.

The system caches some parts of the most popular parts of the video library, using the network’s less used times to cache content in seat-back screens. When there is heavy demand, Cadami then uses that cached content, combined with intelligent data transmission from the server, to minimise network usage.

The result is bandwidth savings of 50%-80% without losing any quality, with the system supporting HD and 4K content.

In future the system could also work with satellite-based inflight connectivity Wi-Fi networks.

Andreas Dotzler, CEO of Cadami said: “Passengers expect to be able to watch pretty much any movie they want, wherever they are. It’s what we’re all used to in our Amazon Prime and Netflix world.

“That volume is not currently available to airline passengers and upgrading the IFE hardware is expensive and time-consuming.”

Thomas Kuehn, Chief Sales Officer of Cadami, added: “Airlines need to provide more choice of video content. Provided cost and aircraft downtime are not an issue, an airline could simply upgrade the IFE hardware on any plane to increase video storage and transmission capacity.

“However, Cadami’s pioneering technology requires only a software update to enable a higher volume of high-quality video content, which is much more cost-effective.”

Thomas Kuehn continued: “This is brand new technology that delivers what passengers want – access to more video content – in a way that is commercially viable for airlines.

“Our customer provides IFE solutions to some of the world’s leading airlines so we are very pleased to be working with the team, helping provide the best passenger experience in our industry.”

Kuehn said that it already flying with one unnamed airline.

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