AIX: Gogo outlines FLEX inflight system capabilities

Danny Sack, Gogo’s Director, Product Marketing.
Danny Sack, Gogo’s Director, Product Marketing.

Gogo is outlining how its Gogo FLEX inflight system comprises all the onboard hardware and software required to deliver and manage inflight connectivity for the aircraft.

If AIX and 2016 and 2017 gave Gogo the opportunity to show off its 2Ku inflight connectivity system, this year is all about how Gogo FLEX allows airlines to take advantage of its APIs (application programming interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits) to bring system development in-house or to third party developers.

Danny Sack, Gogo’s Director, Product Marketing, said FLEX allows airlines to integrate with Gogo’s 2Ku to give airlines a greater control over what they can do with the Ku-band inflight connectivity system.

“Previously we’ve focused on the hardware,” Sack said.”Now we are concentrating on the experiences that 2Ku can enable.”

The backbone to this is Gogo’s new flexible software development tool kit called Gogo FLEX Developer. FLEX Developer allows airlines and third-parties to quickly build, test, and deploy branded inflight services for passengers and other connected applications.

“Gogo FLEX Developer is part of the newly-branded Gogo FLEX Inflight System, which comprises all the onboard software and hardware required to deliver and manage Gogo’s inflight internet,” Sack said.

“With Gogo FLEX airlines can power the experiences they desire for passengers and crew through a foundation of superior hardware and software solutions utilising FLEX Developer.

“Gogo FLEX Developer will be the catalyst for any airline or third-party organization – whether that’s online entertainment companies, content developers or other third parties – to easily build a customisable inflight experience,” he said.

With Gogo FLEX Developer, airlines can use Gogo APIs and SDKs to bring development in-house, or turn to third-party providers for flexibility in designing the passenger experience.

The Gogo FLEX Developer features include:

  • Gogo Test Flight, which is a virtual server that allows users to conduct inflight internet simulations
  • APIs: A set of defined interfaces that enables the development of applications by airlines, integrators, other software developers.
  • Application software to run services either on or off the aircraft.

Gogo FLEX Developer is available to airlines and third parties today and is already being used by several of Gogo’s existing airline partners.

“It is up, running and in use by IAG, Air France, and KLM,” Sack said.

“It allows them to create everything from custom-branded passenger portals to connected inflight applications and real-time connected crew tools.”

Gogo has published a blog post that explains FLEX in more detail.

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