Panasonic Avionics to establish innovation studios across globe

David Bartlett, Panasonic Avionics CTO.
David Bartlett, Panasonic Avionics CTO.

Panasonic Avionics is set to establish new Innovation Studios at key centres across the globe to serve as hubs for innovation, ideation, and solution-building.

With a renewed focus on broader consultative engagements with its customers, Panasonic’s sys its new Innovation Studios will “provide a socially-collaborative environment where the company and its customers can leverage its skilled workforce and regionally relevant partners to ideate, prototype, showcase and evaluate product concepts, digital solutions and user experience paradigms”.

Panasonic plans to set up five Innovation Studios across the globe, each in close proximity to major destinations, leading universities and centres with an established innovation and start-up culture.

The first Panasonic innovation studio, which was mentioned in talks at AIX Hamburg earlier this month, will open in the Silicon Valley by the end of 2018.

The Studios will also serve as primary locations for airline workshops conducted by Panasonic’s digital design consultancy, Tactel.

Acquired by Panasonic in 2015, Tactel is said to have played an instrumental role in helping Panasonic customers get the maximum value from their inflight entertainment and inflight connectivity (IFEC) investments.

David Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, says: “Innovation has always been at the heart of Panasonic Avionics and our customers have rightly come to expect it as standard.”

“Our new Innovation Studios will leverage our cloud-based infrastructure to foster an ethos of collaboration, strengthening our partner eco-system and with it, the range of value-added services we can offer our airline customers.”

“The Studios will ensure we can deliver greater customer-facing innovation by rapidly developing new concepts that will enhance the business and pleasure of flying.”

Each Panasonic Innovation Studio will have a Collaboration Area for ideation, design and strategy workshops, training sessions, customer and partner meetings, and other interactive innovation-related sessions, and a Demonstration Area for displaying emerging products and technologies, functional prototypes as well as work in progress concepts.

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