RUAG first in Europe to complete 2020 FANS 1/A+ on Falcon

Dassault Falcon 2000S. Image
Dassault Falcon 2000S. Image

RUAG Aviation has successfully upgraded a Dassault Falcon F2000 aircraft to comply with the FANS 1/A+ requirements of the aviation regulatory mandates for 2020.

The FANS 1/A+ avionics upgrade was achieved ahead of the compliance deadline and RUAG claims it is the first modification of this kind completed in Europe.

Stephan Woodtli, General Manager Lugano, RUAG Aviation, said: “We are proud to be the first Part 145 maintenance organisation in Europe to install the FANS 1/A+ on the F2000.

“Equipping aircraft like the F2000 with state-of-the-art technology, in accordance with the 2020 compliance mandates, improves operational flexibility and preserves aircraft investment.

“Compliance upgrades allow these aircraft to continue to operate reliably and profitably while adhering to the latest aviation regulations.”

Woodtli claimed the FANS 1/A+ upgrade surpasses all other available solutions with regards to cost-effectiveness. He said the engineering specialists at RUAG Aviation integrated FANS 1/A+ without restrictions to the North Atlantic Organized Track System (NATOTS).

“This will allow our customer to enjoy overall savings in operating costs. The F2000 will have access to preferred wind-efficient transatlantic airspace, decreasing fuel needs and reducing flight time,” he concluded.

The upgraded FANS 1/A+ capability meets European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. The FANS 1/A+ package includes Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) functionalities.

In addition, it complies with North Atlantic FANS 1/A Data Link mandate and meets requirements for DCL/Data Comm. Integration of the FANS 1/A+ package defined by RUAG for the Falcon F2000 requires pre-installation of the latest configuration of Pro Line PL4 to Pro Line PL21.

The RUAG Aviation facilities in Lugano-Agno were also the first provider in Europe to integrate PL21 on an F2000, in 2014.

“The 2020 compliance date is approaching fast. We are dedicated to continuing to offer highly-effective engineering solutions for aircraft in service ahead of the date limits,” said Woodtli.

“We recommend that all operators, and especially operators of older aircraft begin the upgrade process as soon as possible to ensure individual schedules and operations can continue as planned.”

The integration of the avionics upgrade was carried out at RUAG Aviation’s Dassault Falcon service center facilities in Lugano-Agno, Switzerland.

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