SD says providing excellent customer care is paramount

SD says it is never more than four hours from a customer’s aircraft to provide support.
SD says it is never more than four hours from a customer’s aircraft to provide support.

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Satcom Direct, SD, prides itself on its customer support and has gone to great lengths to ensure that it keeps aircraft and passengers connected.

For example, in November it launched guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) for Inmarsat Jet ConneX customers. Jet ConneX is Inmarsat’s global Ka-band inflight connectivity service for business aviation, offering operators an internet connectivity experience in the air, normally only available on the ground.

SD says the new SLAs are the “first-of-a-kind” to be offered to the business aviation sector.

Chris Moore, SD’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We strive to make every customer feel like they are our only customer, as they all receive our best-in-class support.

“As products like Jet ConneX become more advanced, SD support has had to advance as well, and the new SLAs provide an enhanced service with several additional advantages and guarantees including onsite support, proactive monitoring, outage notifications and guaranteed email and phone call response times.

Inmarsat Jet ConneX

“Customers who invest in Jet ConneX invest in powerful connectivity performance, it makes sense that they would want to invest in the most efficient, responsive customer service available to support it,” he said.

The company has gone to great lengths to provide these high levels of service. Its Network Operations Centre monitors aircraft connectivity 24/7 to avert any outages and respond to customers’ needs.

SD provides training to customers to ensure they maximise their service.
SD provides training to customers to ensure they maximise their service.

It also has an “Entry into Service” hangar where new and existing customers upgrading their connectivity equipment bring aircraft and crew to test systems, and better understand how the technology works. This is possibly the only supplier in the industry to do this.

The company also invests significantly in its “Connecting with Customers” (CwC) event, held each year in the USA.

CwC is a three-day event where customers are invited as guests of SD to come and learn more about SD’s products, latest developments and services, as well as their partners’. SD says that they are building the CwC brand in the global market with new smaller events initially planned for the European region.

This year’s CwC event featured the world’s best-known hacker – Kevin Mitnick – who spoke to support the work SD is doing around cyber security.

As part of its work in cyber security, in December SD launched the CyberSAFE (Securing Assets for End Users) course. Developed by Logical Operations, which certified SD to deliver the materials, the content educates users about technology-related risks and provides practical solutions to this continuously-emerging threat to business and industry.

This is the latest addition to SD’s growing portfolio of certified aviation courses, which include its aeroIT certification for the configuration and troubleshooting of IP networks and internet systems on board an aircraft, and its aeroCNCT certified training course, designed for crew members who need to become more familiar with all aspects of cabin inflight connectivity.

Customer Support

To enhance customer services in Hong Kong SD has moved into a new office suite.
To enhance customer services in Hong Kong SD recently moved into a new office suite.

Michael Skou Christensen, VP International for SD, said: “The company is growing rapidly as we remain focused on supporting our expanding customer base. It is a priority for us to provide best-in-class customer support around the world, at all times.

“We have more than 400 employees in 16 locations with account managers around the world,” Skou Christensen said. “Our aim is to be within four hours flying time of all of our customers.

“Last year, the company celebrated its 20-year anniversary – to stay ahead of the game for that long is unique.

“We like to think that our approach to providing excellent customer service is one of the reasons our customers keep on coming back,” Skou Christensen concluded.

NB: CyberSAFE is a trademark of Logical Operations, Inc.

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