EBACE: Honeywell has connectivity for a ‘King Air to an A380’

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Carl Esposito, President Electronic Systems, Honeywell Aerospace
Carl Esposito, President Electronic Systems, Honeywell Aerospace.

Honeywell Aerospace says it prides itself on having an inflight connectivity solution for everything.

“We can now provide inflight connectivity for everything from a Beechcraft King Air to an Airbus A380,”said Carl Esposito, President Electronic Systems, Honeywell Aerospace.

“We have our L-band Aspire range, for both Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and Iridium, plus a low cost, small L-band system called BendixKing AeroWave 100 for general aviation aircraft, including twins, turboprops and light jets.”

Its new low-gain antenna (LGA) is the world’s smallest footprint Inmarsat antenna, enabling discreet installation even on smaller airframes.

The larger platforms are catered for by its JetWave tail- and fuselage-mounted hardware for Inmarsat’s Ka-band Jet ConneX systems using the GX I-5 satellites.

“This is giving a consistent service throughout the globe and we’ve also enhanced the JetWave offering with a new router, which is low cost, compact and easy to install,” Esposito said.

This means that more business aircraft are able to take advantage of real-time weather updates, flight planning, maintenance and support services through Honeywell’s GoDirect services.

Honeywell announced it had been chosen to supply its GoDirect CNX-900 Router for two Paris-based Bombardier Global 6000. Working in tandem with its JetWave hardware, passengers are able to enjoy advanced connectivity in the air.

The GoDirect Router offers direct access to the suite of GoDirect Cabin services offering a multitude of apps and services, such as real-time TV and video conferencing, that enhances the passenger experience.

Honeywell also announced its GoDirect Router and GoDirect Access service have been selected by Air Hamburg to bring advanced cabin and passenger connectivity features to its fleet of Embraer Legacy 650 jets.

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Combining the GoDirect Router with GoDirect Access allows the private jet operator to manage in-flight Wi-Fi connections more easily while monitoring network access to keep a close eye on data usage and associated costs.

“There are a lot of iPad tools available now that let users troubleshoot and monitor their connectivity. On the services side we can also dynamically manage their data usage, which has been well received,” he said.

Honeywell Aerospace says it is seeing unprecedented “insatiable” demand for connectivity systems.

“We are looking at the evolution of the networks and certainly have the bandwidth and capacity to cope with demand,” Esposito said. “But over time we’ll see more satellites and advancements in antenna and modem technology.”

Esposito said it was not tied to Inmarsat as it also has products for Iridium and Viasat.

“We’ll have offerings for the Iridium Certus network when it is deployed,” he said. “The interesting thing for Honeywell is that we make a lot of the equipment that goes on the satellites so are involved in the network design from the outset.

“We’ve also invested time and money in the next-generation of small constellations in low- and medium-earth orbits,” he said. “I think that geostationary and LEO/MEO solutions will be complementary.

He said Honeywell has also done a lot of research work on phased array antennas, especially for the military market.

“We haven’t yet seen the cost point come to the right level yet for commercial applications,” he said. “At the moment we have a lot of tail-mounted antennas in service and even if we moved to a flat-panel phased array the amount of real-estate available on the aircraft is limited, so we have to bear that in mind.”

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