Viasat signs deal for steerable beams on HYLAS 4

Viasat logoAvanti Communications has signed a $10 million contract with Viasat to provide leased capacity on a steerable beam on the newly-launched Avanti HYLAS 4 satellite.

The contract has an initial period of two years.

Kyle Whitehill, Chief Executive Officer, Avanti Communications said: “Avanti’s contract with Viasat reflects the winning qualities of our HYLAS 4 satellite. This is a confirmation that our new carrier strategy helps operators to increase addressable markets and drive customer satisfaction without additional satellite and launch capex spend.”

Ken Peterman, President, Government Systems at Viasat continued: “Partnering with Avanti will give us access to steerable Ka-band satellite coverage and capacity to further enhance connectivity services for global government applications on Viasat’s best available network.

“We expect easy integration of the HYLAS 4 satellite capacity into our global network—enabling us to quickly bring capacity to where our customer demand exists.”

Avanti says steerable beams give immediate access to Ka-band capacity wherever you want.

With 920MHz bandwidth capabilities in each beam, HYLAS 4 steerable beams provide highly-flexible capacity.

It says it offers three flexible options:

  • Full steering rights – giving the user the ability to move the beam(s) at any time within the agreed terms.
  • Initial pointing right – users can nominate a single location where the beam stays fixed for the duration of the agreed term.
  • Guaranteed capacity – you can request a location with lower capacity; Avanti will place the beams in locations with the most requests.

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