Telesat and Gilat to develop modems for LEO satellites

Gilat logoGilat Satellite Networks Ltd. has announced a collaborative project with Telesat for the development of broadband communication technology using low earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

The Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (CIIRDF) will fund the project to facilitate faster and more secure data transmission over satellite. Telesat says this may have inflight connectivity applications in the future.

The joint Canada-Israel innovation project will combine Telesat’s and Gilat’s engineering capabilities to do live testing, using Gilat modem technology, over the Telesat Phase-1 LEO satellite launched earlier this year.

The say the adaptation of Gilat’s modem technology to support advanced LEO constellations, such as the system Telesat is developing, will highlight the benefits that a high-quality satellite broadband experience can deliver to billions of potential users worldwide who live beyond the reach of fiber networks.

Dave Wendling, Telesat’s Chief Technical Officer, said: “Telesat is pleased to join forces with Gilat in the development of modem technology that we will use to deliver high-speed broadband communications over the Telesat Phase-1 LEO satellite already in orbit.

“This project will allow us to demonstrate the high performance and low latency advantages of Telesat’s LEO constellation to our tier-1 aeronautical, maritime and enterprise customers.”

Ron Levin VP Mobility and Global Accounts at Gilat, said: “Gilat shares Telesat’s vision that the inherent advantages of LEO constellations will transform satellite communications and we are delighted to take part in the joint project funded by CIIRDF.

“We are fully engaged in the development of customer terminals that will operate over LEO constellations and will provide an excellent user experience over satellite for a multitude of new applications including, for example, 5G mobile backhaul.”

“This bilateral technology partnership directly supports the objectives of CIIRDF, anchored by a strong value proposition for the collaborating firms and their customers,” said Dr. Henri Rothschild, President of CIIRDF.

“The outcomes of this project will advance the technological capabilities of low-earth orbit satellites and help Telesat and Gilat capture new opportunities in this global commercial market.

“Downstream, this powerful cooperation will translate into new jobs and revenues that further strengthen economies of Israel and Canada.”

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