Phasor signs ESA contracts worth more than $300 million

The Phasor ESA uses beam-forming techniques.
The Phasor ESA uses beam-forming techniques.

Phasor, the developer of broadband, electronically-steerable antenna systems (ESAs), announced today that it has achieved an important milestone by securing commercial contracts valued at more than $300 million.

It says these multi-year product contracts are tied to exclusivity with key customers in defined target markets.

David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor, said: “These contracts demonstrate Phasor’s progression from a technology development firm to a products company focussed on delivering enterprise-grade ESAs to commercial mobile broadband markets.”

Over the coming months, Phasor says it expects to announce additional contracts across its commercial mobile broadband and government communications-on-the-move (COTM) target markets.

Phasor’s very low profile, electronically steerable antennas enable high-bandwidth service in a more reliable, robust and failure-tolerant way. The antennas are solid-state, with no moving parts, to allow electronic tracking of satellite signals.

The modular architecture of the Phasor technology allows antennas to scale to virtually any use-case requirement, fixed or mobile. The antennas can be flat or conformal, and fitted seamlessly to moving aircraft, ships or land-based vehicles.

Phasor’s says its technology is very well suited to support fixed satellite networks, high throughput satellite (HTS) networks and non-geosynchronous satellite networks.

Phasor is a developer of high-throughput, enterprise-grade electronically steerable antennas (ESA), headquartered in Washington DC, with a technology development subsidiary in London.

Phasor’s electronically-steerable antennas are based on patented innovations in dynamic beam forming technologies and system architecture.

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