Rossiya Airlines deploys SITAONAIR CrewTab solution

SITAONAIR's CrewTab solution (Image: SITAONAIR)
SITAONAIR’s CrewTab solution (Image: SITAONAIR)

Rossiya Airlines has implemented SITAONAIR’s CrewTab to advance its cabin crew operations.

Designed to optimise cabin crew work processes and activity, the device has been fully integrated with Rossiya Airlines’ information systems, enabling 450 Rossiya Airlines crew members to access all necessary flight information inflight via their iPad 4th Gen tablet devices.

Currently, airlines typically provide such information in paper formats. A key benefit of CrewTab is its ability to digitise workflows, streamline reporting, eliminate operational duplication and provide a complete flight information picture, quickly and efficiently.

Rossiya’s CrewTab solution is available on regular and seasonal flights, as well as flights-to-order.

SITAONAIR  says by enabling remote Internet access to airline information resources and systems, CrewTab helps Rossiya to improve performance at key points in the onboard service experience. It does this by helping to streamline the interaction between the airline’s internal organisational units, supporting a more efficient document flow system, enhancing staff processes and reducing costs.

By digitising, and further standardising, cabin crews’ data processes, CrewTab also supports Rossiya with improved business analysis and optimization, opening up new opportunities to improve operational performance.

SITAONAIR says as global airspace becomes increasingly competitive, and passenger expectations rise, all airlines face two major challenges to their success – how to improve the passenger experience, and how to enhance operational efficiency.

Cabin crews spend more time talking to passengers than anyone else in an airline, and are, therefore, central to the passenger experience.

It says deploying a tactile, responsive and information-rich technology, such as CrewTab, presents Rossiya with immediate benefits and advances to both the quality and efficiency of its cabin experience.

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