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Powered by SD - Satcom DirectSponsored feature: Satcom Direct (SD) has established itself as the leading expert on fitting Inmarsat’s ultra-fast Ka-band Jet ConneX (JX) inflight connectivity service to business aircraft.

Launched in late 2016, JX is one of business aviation’s newest and most talked-about connectivity services, offering a broadband experience in the air that equals what you expect in the office.

With global coverage provided by three (and soon four) Inmarsat satellites, business aircraft passengers can enjoy the speed and reliability needed to power a full range of activities, including high-quality streaming video and live television.

SD now has more experience with JX, and has supplied more business aviation aircraft, than all the other suppliers put together. It also offers enhanced 24/7 customer service and is never more than four hours away from an aircraft.

Its JX service plans give users the unique ability to choose not only the amount of data they need, but also their desired speed – all without changing onboard hardware or antennas. With JX, increasing performance is as simple as changing service plans, all backed up by agreed service level agreements (SLAs).

Jet ConneX Data Plans

SD says it is never more than four hours from a customer’s aircraft to provide support.
SD says it is never more than four hours from a customer’s aircraft to provide support.

Plans range from 20-95 Gigabytes per month, at speeds to the aircraft ranging from 1.5 to 15Mbps. Many of SD’s customers start with a more conservative plan and re-evaluate after a month or two of actual usage.

SD says there are now more than 275 JX solutions flying in the global business aviation market (June 2018) and in its first 18 months JX has already seen more installations than the previous-generation Ku-band solution saw in its first 10 years of operation.

And JX is finding new customers worldwide. SD recently confirmed its first Jet ConneX installation for Deer Jet subsidiary, Hongkong Jet. The ultra-high-speed Ka-band service was supplied to a privately-owned Gulfstream G650, managed and maintained by Hongkong Jet.

Installed at Gulfstream’s Long Beach facility and activated by SD in early summer, Nathan Andrews, Regional Director SD Asia, added: “We have supplied connectivity to the G650 for some time and upgrading to the Jet ConneX offering was a natural next step to fulfil the owner’s growing connectivity needs.

Notice to all readers:

Get Connected has merged with Simple Flying.

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“SD is the world’s largest reseller of Jet ConneX and we have exceptional experience in managing, monitoring and delivering the solution. This know-how adds significant value to our customers and ensures we are able to provide enhanced customer support levels, as well as pro-active data security.”

Customer Service

Satcom Direct (SD) has become the first service provider to activate Inmarsat Jet ConneX inflight connectivity technology on a Brazilian-registered executive aircraft.Denzil White, CEO Hongkong Jet, said: “The standard of SD global customer service, the data security offering, and the ability to respond 24/7 to resolve potential issues, played a significant part in our decision to appoint them as the Ka-band provider.

“Our clients expect us to maintain the aircraft to the highest standards and we rely on SD to meet and exceed those expectations in terms of connectivity.”

SD is able to offer a whole host of additional support services, including the Satcom Direct Router (SDR®), which can seamlessly deliver high-speed connectivity throughout the cabin to all passengers’ devices.

Data integrity is maintained by the SD suite of cyber security software solutions to proactively mitigate potential threats and block intrusion attempts in real-time.

Part of SD Pro, which integrates all the user’s management tools and applications onto one simple platform, SD’s new Advanced Connectivity module also enables users to generate a predictive connectivity map for the flight. The illustrative graphic highlights network coverage, and any associated issues along the route enabling them to adjust their travel-plans accordingly.

Real-time Connection Status

The feature aims to prevent loss of connectivity as it highlights dead zones and regional areas where data may be at threat from intrusion. This adds to the existing connectivity module features that already indicate the real-time connection status, as well as detailed device usage information.

Other services include its FlightDeck Freedom datalink service, graphical weather, geoservices and alerts, SD Flight Tracker and certified training.


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