APEX: Immfly showcases new data products for airlines

Immfly Active
Immfly Active

Immfly is showcasing its new Immfly ACTIVE product, a powerful management tool that Immfly says empowers an airline to check and manage its own the data, collected from the main metrics and KPIs, from Immfly’s onboard digital services platform.

The self-access portal empowers airlines with data related to passengers and the platform’s performance, and provides monitoring and management tools. It says this means there is no need for third parties to analyse and interfere in customer’s data, feedback, or the platform’s performance dashboard.

It includes an Aircraft Health monitoring tool that shows the airline a list of the aircraft equipped with Immfly digital services.

A survey management tool also allows an airline to develop, manage, edit, publish or unpublish different surveys on the platform or download them for a further analysis.

A content management tool allows airlines to manage all type of content, including announcements, campaigns, promotions, video, advertising, surveys and feedback.

Its Adserver tool was also created to manage and check the status of advertising campaigns.

The company is also showing its new Immfly Lounge tool that gives airlines an opportunity to engage passengers in airport VIP lounges or pre-boarding areas at the terminal.

It offers flight-related ancillary products, like upgrades, books or food and drink purchases before the passenger boards. It also allows frequent flyers to check their loyalty programme information. This is all backed by marketing opportunities, including advertising campaigns and sponsorship.

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