APEX: Kontron IFC equipment selected by Pegasus Airlines

Kontron's RJ McLaren and the Cab-n-Connect A100.
Kontron’s RJ McLaren and its Cab-n-Connect A100.

Kontron has announced its integrated IFEC equipment has been selected by digital solutions partner Immfly for deployment on Pegasus Airlines, a Turkish-based low cost carrier.

Kontron and partners will supply all the hardware for the open-architecture system, including its ACE Flight servers, CWAPs and aircraft installation kits.

The equipment is being installed over the next two years. Immfly has developed a software and media platform for eCommerce, entertainment and connectivity on-board aircraft that allows passengers to purchase last-minute activities and schedule transport for their destination mid-flight and at a special price.

The channel also offers more than 100 types of sponsored entertainment (including TV programmes, newspapers and news channels) along with travel guides for principal European destinations.

It said that since the Immfly software solution has already been pre-validated on the Kontron hardware platforms, the installation and deployment activities can be accomplished very quickly, and the risk of integration problems being encountered is low.

The equipment to be deployed includes Kontron’s ACE Flight 4600 Airborne Server, Removable Storage Devices (RSSDs), Cab-n-Connect A100 Cabin Wireless Access Point (CWAP) and aircraft installation kit.

There are currently more than 4.000 commercial aircraft and business jets operating worldwide with Kontron equipment on board.

“Immfly continues to partner with Kontron for its highly reliable and open architecture platforms that are fully qualified to D0-160G with PMA and optimized for a full range of flight services,” said Jimmy Martínez von Korff, Co-founder of Immfly.

“Using Kontron platforms allows us to focus on designing the most compelling in-flight entertainment services that include engaging new content and other capabilities that are in high demand by today’s airline passengers.”

RJ McLaren, Avionics Systems Product Manager at Kontron, said: “Part of our ongoing strategy in supporting partners such as Immfly is to provide the critical system components that make up the wireless and network backbone for the connected aircraft.

“This is the launch customer for Kontron’s new B737 STC and installation design for wireless IFE, which will be available to global customer by the end of this year. We look forward to the success of this latest deployment of our products with Immfly and Pegasus Airlines.”

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