APEX: Lufthansa Systems showcases products on FlyingLab

Jan-Peter Gänse, Head of Passenger Experience Products and Solutions at Lufthansa Systems.
Jan-Peter Gänse, Head of Passenger Experience Products and Solutions at Lufthansa Systems.

Lufthansa Systems got the APEX Expo off to a flying start by showcasing some of its products on board its Airbus A350 FlyingLab on a flight from Munich to Boston.

The company transported 150 delegates to the event and during the flight, passengers were invited to live-stream presentations given on board by various industry leaders using Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect inflight connectivity solution and a Panasonic Ku-band satellite connection. Passengers could also experience some of the latest innovations, including SkyLights’ AlloSky VR headset.

The flight proved so popular that Lufthansa announced it plans to do a similar flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, using an Airbus A380 as its FlyingLab, for the 2019 Apex Expo.

Jan-Peter Gänse, Head of Passenger Experience Products and Solutions at Lufthansa Systems, said: The FlyingLab provided the company with an excellent way to demonstrate its latest developments in a real-life environment.”

It also exhibited its latest BoardConnect Portable device, which enables high-quality streaming for up to 100 users from a single device.

Lufthansa Systems present this new generation of its solution at this year’s and also showcased its Lconnect hardware and service package on the stand.

Gänse said: “With BoardConnect, we are currently one of the fastest-growing providers for wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) in the aviation industry, and we are among the top five in the market with our multi-award-winning solution and wide product range.

“The demand for IFE and IFEC solutions continues to grow. Our close cooperation with Lufthansa Technik and other partners gives us a decisive competitive advantage.”

It says the new generation of BoardConnect Portable is even more flexible, powerful and robust, with a modular concept. The new Mobile Streaming Unit (MSU) corresponds to a real server platform including access points.

It can supply twice as many users with high-quality IFE streaming as the first generation. This means that in future one MSU will still be powerful enough to support one single-aisle aircraft, even if the airline expects higher usage rates. Thanks to its modularity, the new BoardConnect Portable can be individually tailored to the needs of the airline.

BoardConnect Portable can also be supplemented with Iridium NEXT technology upon request.

This product, known as BoardConnect Portable/Link, has a low bandwidth and enables services such as messaging and online payment. The required antenna can be installed in a suitable position in the cabin without the need for an STC.

The smart STC-free service is part of the Lconnect product family from Lufthansa Technik and only requires a minor modification. Lconnect comprises all relevant services to equip an aircraft with IFE and IFEC.

In addition to the physical installation, this includes all required aeronautical and regulatory work, conversion planning and materials supply, the manufacture of diverse high-end components such as the WLAN access point, the supply of materials in regular flight operations, and the repair of defective components.

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