NBAA: Cobham showcases SB-S-based flight deck system

Cobham Satcom's AVIATOR 300D.
Cobham Satcom’s AVIATOR 300D.ham

Cobham Aerospace Communications is highlighting its SB-S-based flight-deck solution, the first and only Inmarsat SB-S-approved system available for business jets.

It says the SB-S (SwiftBroadband-Safety) global secure IP connection for operations and safety communications sets a new yardstick as the basis for Cobham’s “revolutionary, economical flight deck solution”.

Additionally, integrating Cobham’s next-generation AVIATOR 300D and 350D satcom systems with an Aircraft Interface Device (AID) enables an “office in the sky” experience for passengers as well.

Cobham’s SB-S-powered AVIATOR satcom systems are already enabling FANS 1/A compliance in the airline industry, supporting ADS-C and CPDLC communications.

Inmarsat SB-S’s always-on/always-ready datalink permits constant satellite communication between pilots and air traffic control, facilitating the real-time sharing of crucial flight data and thus palpably improving operational efficiency and safety.

It adds introducing this upgraded capability to business jets extends the same working and safety benefits onto flight crews while passing the advantages of high-speed data access onto business travellers in the cabin, all through a single channel of SB-S.

With seamless connectivity, business passengers can conduct time-sensitive transactions in transit, accessing websites, sending emails and making voice calls.

Virtual “fortress door” data segregation via the AID allows such tasks to be securely managed without compromising safety-critical cockpit data.

Scott Beutel, Regional Director, Satcom Aero, Cobham, said: “Our SB-S-approved flight deck solution is on track to become the benchmark for connectivity in the new era of business aviation.

“The ability to support both cockpit and cabin connectivity via SBB makes the AVIATOR 300D the first system of its type that will support FANS/CPDLC in addition to providing an IP connection to cabin passengers.”

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