NBAA: Gogo AVANCE now flying on nearly 450 business aircraft

Gogo AVANCE L5 unitGogo Business Aviation says it has surpassed 5,000 systems activated across the AVANCE platform and its other ATG (air-to-ground) systems.

Today, Gogo has nearly 450 Gogo AVANCE systems flying on business aircraft, including AVANCE L5 and L3, which is the fastest adoption of connectivity systems across the broadest range of business aircraft models in the history of business aviation.

Sergio Aguirre, President of Gogo Business Aviation, said: “This has been a banner year for Gogo Business Aviation.

“What we’ve achieved, surpassing 5,000 systems in business aviation, marks the realization of a dream made possible by hundreds of talented, hard-working and dedicated people.

“And, the success of the AVANCE platform is unprecedented in business aviation and has pushed us to new heights much more quickly than anyone expected.”

AVANCE L5, Gogo’s solution that its says can provide bandwidth-intensive activity such as streaming video, has been in the market for a little more than a year.

To date, Gogo has more than 350 L5 systems installed and activated, with an additional 300 that have been shipped.

AVANCE L3, which began shipping earlier this year, continues to gain momentum and is expected to reach 100 installations by mid-November, less than one year after launch.

Since the start of the year, it says the AVANCE L5 system has been in use on more than 28,000 flights, delivering a 4G experience that allows heavy-bandwidth activities such as streaming video, video conferencing, email with large attachments, and fast web browsing.

The L5 and L3 systems are actively being installed at all Gogo-authorised MROs and aftermarket OEM service centres.

To date, Gogo and its OEM partners and dealers have received type certificate and supplemental type certificate (STC) approvals for AVANCE L5 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) across more than 40 airframes.

Gogo and its partners are also securing STCs for more than 15 additional airframes in the coming months, meaning AVANCE L5 will be available for installation on more than 55 business jet platforms.

For AVANCE L3, STCs have been secured on seven aircraft models, with another STC being finalized in the coming days.

Gogo says the system is an innovative software-centric approach that combines Gogo’s advanced hardware and software technology to create a fully-integrated, aviation-grade inflight connectivity and entertainment platform.

The platform enables connected aviation technologies, services and applications like never before through Gogo’s proprietary software and technology.

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