NBAA: Viasat adds GoAeroMx and SoCal Jets as partners

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Viasat logoViasat has expanded its business aviation dealer program, adding two new installation partners: GoAeroMx and SoCal Jets, Inc.

Authorized dealers have the ability to sell and install Viasat’s high-speed Ka-band and dual-band Ku-/Ka-band in-flight internet equipment to large and mid-cabin business jet customers.

GoAeroMx and SoCal Jets join more than 20 authorised Viasat dealers, including aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies.

Viasat’s robust business-class shipsets include Viasat dual-band, Viasat Ku-band and the new Viasat Ka-band shipset, the Global Aero Terminal 5510.

It says its Ka-band service is proven to support more passengers and more devices simultaneously through all phases of flight, when performing bandwidth-intensive applications, including accessing virtual private networks, or streaming high-definition video calls, cloud content or live TV entertainment.

In addition, Viasat’s transport category solutions, such as the Global Aero Terminal 5530, offer enhanced service, capacity and coverage for privately-owned Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Jerry Goodwin, Vice President, Global Network Services, Viasat, said: “We’re proud to add GoAeroMx and SoCal Jets as authorised resellers of our in-flight internet solution, which is the industry’s fastest in-cabin business jet internet service on the market, with the most available capacity.

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“Our Ku-band shipset remains a highly-reliable, global, cost-effective solution with an easy upgrade path to Viasat Ka-band, and our Ka- and dual-band equipment offer an in-flight internet solution that will work on Viasat’s next-generation advanced global satellite network.”

Neil Sparkman, Vice President, Technical Operations, GoAeroMx, said: “GoAeroMx focuses on next-generation avionics solutions tailored to a client’s mission, needs and budget.

“Selling Viasat’s in-flight internet equipment means our business jet customers can enjoy high-speed, in-flight internet virtually anywhere.

“By tapping into Viasat’s highest capacity satellite network, our customers can access even greater speeds, more capacity and enhanced performance available during all phases of flight.”

Robert Roig, President, SoCal Jets, Inc, said: “Viasat provides high-capacity, high-speed Ka-band connectivity solutions that extensively meet and even exceed the sky-high expectations of today’s business aviation passengers – while also empowering business jet users’ intense modern connectivity demands.

“We’re thrilled to add Viasat’s technology solutions to our portfolio, giving many large and mid-cabin business jet customers the ability to conduct in-air online business just as they would on the ground.”

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