Satcom Direct launches new products and services at NBAA

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SD - Satcom DirectSponsored feature: Satcom Direct has made three big announcements at NBAA, Orlando, for new products and services for the business aviation community. You can read about some of them in more detail on this site, but here is an overview.

The product announcements were:

The launch of SD Scheduler – the introduction of a twenty first century flight scheduling cloud-based software system to better support the synchronisation of flight departments with their aircraft.

The launch of SD Xperience – a new product portfolio that maximises the SD ecosystem to deliver end-to-end business aviation solutions for flight department, crew and passengers.

SD offers a range of solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of customers. SD has also been appointed a master distributor for Intelsat FlexExec network, a new connectivity service offering dedicated to the business aviation sector.

The development of a new flat panel antenna – a new flat panel network-agnostic antenna that will deliver faster data through the smallest form factor and lowest power-using hardware suited to a wider range of aircraft sizes.

To synchronise the aircraft with flight operations and deliver the ultimate in connectivity experience, SD is aiming to meet key challenges of business aviation flight operations, which include:

  • Delivery of meaningful onboard connectivity traditionally limited to large jets
  • Sourcing use of real-time data in manageable format that supports informed operational decision making
  • Keeping all flight department, crew and team members aligned with up-to-date info in changing landscape
  • Amalgamation of data from differing sources into single meaningful report
  • Compliance and adherence to regulations that are constantly evolving
  • Keeping aircraft safe and secure at all times
  • Delivering a robust connectivity solution which brings on the ground connectivity expectations into the cabin for passengers.

Enhanced and new solutions include:

  • Delivering advanced connectivity technology to a wider range of airframe sizes – QEST/SD Xperience
  • Generating innovative, secure, connectivity to deliver best user experience – SD Xperience/SD Scheduler/QEST
  • Implementing, managing and controlling end-to-end business aviation solutions for connectivity – SD Xperience/SD Scheduler
  • Pulling and pushing meaningful data to underpin operational decision making – SD Scheduler
  • Integration of external third-party data into single platform for rationalized business intelligence – SD Scheduler
  • Own infrastructure to manage and monitor data security – SD Xperience

SD Xperience

Satcom Direct (SD) has become the first service provider to activate Inmarsat Jet ConneX inflight connectivity technology on a Brazilian-registered executive aircraft.SD Xperience is an “umbrella” brand delivering an end-to-end solution that combines data, airtime and communications services, aircraft connectivity hardware, and flight operations software, to simplify connectivity and operations through a fully-synchronised suite of products.

The service has been introduced to deliver purpose-built technology that satisfies the unique, evolving requirements of business aviation with pricing structures that can be tailored to each individual customer’s usage and need.

SD Xperience is an integrated suite of services available from a single trusted source. This ensures that customer service is seamless, SD is in control of all elements of the end to end solution, and customers are empowered to select and choose systems that are appropriate to them.

What’s new?

Network technology – SD has been appointed master distributor for the Intelsat FlexExec network, the new Ku-band solution dedicated to serving business aviation (capacity not shared with any other vertical) delivered with the Astronics T310 terminal)

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Hardware technology – SD is partnering with QEST to develop an open architecture, network agnostic, flat-panel antenna for business aviation that will be compatible with a wider range of airframe sizes. It will be perfect for small aircraft where a tail-mounted antenna solution is not possible.

Software technology – SD Scheduler is a modern Software as a Service (SaaS) system to support evolving synchronised flight operations with the ability to integrate third party partners to support a superior data gathering experience.  At launch this will include CAMP maintenance and SD FlightLogs.

SD Xperience – Enhancements

Passenger on bizjet using a phoneNew and existing networks:  Ka- Ku- L-band will be delivered with partners to provide even wider range of connectivity options for an extended range of airframe sizes.

A New dedicated Ku-band service (FlexExec) to deliver dedicated business aviation connectivity. SD offers a range of solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of business aviation customers.

SD Xperience also brings innovative new pricing structures to market which address the specific and varied requirements of business aviation. Plans can be customised to the needs of each individual aircraft or fleet to enable more efficient planning and budgeting.

New and existing hardware: The Astronics T310 terminal enables the Intelsat FlexExec service available exclusively through SD. The existing family of SD cabin routers will integrate with new solutions and will be enhanced by the addition of a new network-agnostic open-architecture QEST flat panel antenna to connect SD end-to-end solutions.

New and existing software: SD Scheduler integrates with SD Pro to give full visibility of pre-flight to post-flight, and ongoing flight operations to deliver more informed operational decisions, planning, budgeting and personnel tracking. Integration of third-party systems enables simplified generation of valuable business intelligence reports. SD FlightLogs, automated flight log data, also integrates with SD Scheduler.

Customisation: All solutions can be customised to meet the needs of small privately-owned and operated aircraft as well as larger corporate fleets.

SD software developers will future proof the technology with continual development.  They are continuously developing existing and new software to synchronise the entire flight operation through premium in-flight connectivity, innovative system solutions, and dynamic data management.

It says award-winning SD customer support is available 24/7 for all members of the flight department, passengers and crew.

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