Gogo AVANCE L5 now certified on all Gulfstream airframes

Gogo Business Aviation's AVANCE L5 ATG inflight connectivity system.
Gogo Business Aviation’s AVANCE L5 ATG inflight connectivity system.

Gogo Business Aviation’s AVANCE L5 inflight connectivity system is now delivering a 4G experience to hundreds of business jets, including the full complement of Gulfstream aircraft models.

The Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) now secured include the following Gulfstream airframes:

  • G650/650ER
  • G600
  • G550/GV/SP
  • G450/GIV/SP
  • G280

Sergio Aguirre, President of Gogo Business Aviation, said: “We’re so pleased that Gulfstream has chosen to build on our partnership to invest in these STCs for the AVANCE L5 across multiple airframes.

“Gulfstream has a discerning customer base, and the L5 system delivers the most robust air-to-ground experience available across North America today. It’s great news that the L5 is now available as an install option.”

Gogo AVANCE is a software-centric approach that combines Gogo’s advanced hardware and software technology to create a fully-integrated, aviation-grade inflight connectivity and entertainment platform.

The platform enables connected aviation technologies, services and applications like never before. The system connects to the Gogo Biz 4G network delivering faster speeds supporting bandwidth-intensive activities.

Gogo says AVANCE L5 is flying on nearly 500 aircraft today providing a 4G in-cabin connectivity experience that is proven and dependable.

The Gulfstream service centres offering installations include locations in Savannah and Brunswick, Ga., Westfield, Mass., St. Louis, Mo., Dallas, Texas, Long Beach, Calif., and Appleton, Wis.

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