Immfly trial helps boost customer satisfaction for easyJet

Immfly Active
Immfly Active

EasyJet’s recently-published results report a successful year for ancillary revenues and lists the in-flight trial delivered by Immfly as one of the key points contributing to the results.

The easyJet PLC annual results, “Success in Ancillaries” section reads: “2018 was a successful year, with an 11.7% increase in ancillary revenue per seat year-on-year. This success is a testament to our strategy of building a portfolio of products and services well matched to our customers’ needs.”

Among eight points listed as further enhancing 2018’s results, easyJet cite the impact of the Immfly platform: “….. an in-flight entertainment platform accessed through customers’ own devices, which has driven a 22% point improvement in customer satisfaction for customers using the platform versus easyJet’s network average.”

Immfly, which provides onboard digital services, was selected by easyJet in September 2017 to launch its first in-flight entertainment platform.

The digital solution provided by Immfly offers easyJet the flexibility to dynamically deliver a broad range of digital content and innovative tools to effectively engage customers.

Immfly enables easyJet’s passengers to access an in-flight experience with personalised capabilities in multiple languages through their own smart devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) and sponsors to reach a captive audience.

Rakuten, a global supplier of internet services with more than one billion members worldwide and an ecosystem of more than 70 services, is the official entertainment sponsor.

Customers enjoy access to a content-rich platform. Some of the entertainment available on easyJet’s platform this year included the 2018 Oscar winning films “Shape of Water” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri”, TV titles such as “Modern Family” as well as a range of family favourites and box office hits, a wide range of press publications including; Financial Times, Bloomberg, Le Figaro, Euronews, The Times, and other daily international newspapers, plus lifestyle publications such as; Elle, Rolling Stone, National Geographic Traveller and many more.

Passengers can also choose from a wide selection of best-selling e-books and audiobooks, destination guides and games.

The platform also includes a digital catalogue “Bistro & Boutique”, which features meals, snacks and refreshments that customers can enjoy during the flight, while it also showcases the selection of on-board shopping products available in-flight from fragrances and cosmetics to gadgets and toys.

Pablo Linz, Immfly’s CEO and Co-founder said: “We are thrilled with easyJet’s FY2018 results and the significant boost to customer satisfaction which easyJet measured on aircraft with Immfly’s inflight entertainment and services platform.

“This is a great testament to the way Immfly focuses on delivering financial success with an outstanding customer experience across all our airline partners.”

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