Eclipse announces Ka-band inflight connectivity bundle

The Eclipse SUMS antenna solution.
The Eclipse SUMS antenna solution.

Eclipse Group has announced its new Ka-band inflight connectivity bundle, targeted at VIP and Government wide and narrow-body aircraft, complete with a complimentary connectivity system consultation.

Eclipse says it is the only company in the world offering a cabin connectivity bundle specifically for such aircraft.

The Inmarsat Ka-band connectivity bundle comprises all the equipment and STCs required to install Honeywell’s JetWave Ka-band system, and includes the Eclipse Aero+ Software Suite, and Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) — two key elements not offered by any other company.

Marc Pinault, Eclipse CEO, said: “We’ve long recognised that VIP and Head of State aircraft requirements are extremely demanding and a fully-working solution must be delivered the first time.

“Not only do the aircraft have varying missions, individual passengers have different telephony and internet access needs; and of course, onboard network security is key.

“This is why Eclipse Group is offering a complimentary system requirements consultation. Adding connectivity to a large aircraft is complex and we want to help operators, installers and maintainers to get a better understanding of the requirements and outcomes for the aircraft and passengers.”

Honeywell MCS-8200 Ka-band antenna for Inmarsat's GX Aviation service.
Honeywell’s fuselage-mounted Ka-band MCS-8200 antenna for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service.

The solution gives large aircraft operators a complete broadband connectivity system with the added ability to control the onboard network. The solution helps reduce costs, both in terms of inflight connectivity and maintenance.

The Aero+ Software Suite offers a broad spectrum of apps that deliver important capabilities – onboard bandwidth allocation and prioritisation, onboard network security, VoIP, video conference, aggregation, optimisation, payment portal for passengers.

The SUMS antenna installation kit is lightweight and requires fewer holes in the fuselage. This means a streamlined installation and lower maintenance requirements, again saving time and money. Eclipse says SUMS is a proven solution having been installed on more than 90 aircraft.

“Through our EAD Aerospace division, we’ve developed SUMS”, notes Marc Pinault.

“This antenna mounting system has an incredibly low impact on the aircraft fuselage — an important factor for leased aircraft.

“In addition, we have a broad range of STCs for many popular VIP and government aircraft types such as the A320 family, A330 and A340, plus the B777 and B747.”

Pinault said the bundle is all backed by 24/7 support and complies with the highest aviation security standards.

A leading distributor of Inmarsat airtime services, Eclipse Group says it offers a single source solution for the Inmarsat GX Aviation network and next generation of inflight connectivity.

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